Which is more effective between Push Notifications and SMS Notification?


Push Notification and SMS Notification

Push notifications are a type of messaging system sent from a server or an application to a user’s interface. It can be sent in a Smartphone, desktop, or any Smart gadget.

Whereas, SMS Notification is an abbreviation, which used for “short message service” and widely used as a means of communication with text messages through a mobile network.

Both techniques have significantly proved their role in digital marketing, but which one is the best? Being an entrepreneur or service provider, we don’t want to compromise in the marketing strategies. Hence, let’s take a peek at their basic features and compare how easily customers can opt-in/opt-out to receive push notifications.


1, The SMS notifications are known to send or disseminate any urgent messages so that the customers or users can receive them even when there is no internet connection. For instance, if any user is abroad with no cellular data plan, or somewhere with a weak signal.

2, The push notifications are more dedicated and focused on implementing the marketing campaigns. For instance, the sales offers, reminders and review questions. Both iOS and Android push notifications platforms can use accordingly

This way, SMS Notification and push notification will not get in the form of one another, and it will save your customers from being bombarded with all these messages.

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Let’s examine some examples of using both SMS notification and push notifications:

Push Notifications         SMS Notifications
The customers have to download the app, afterward, they will automatically start getting notifications       To opt the SMS service, the customers have to either/or:
– Provide his/her phone no by signing up on a website
– Send a specific keyword to a company’s shortcode.  
Turn the notifications off in the settings   Send a specific command or keyword to a company’s shortcode.
Is compulsory to receive the notifications Doesn’t required
The following media can add to the notifications:
– GIF’s
– Emoji’s
– Photos
– Videos
– Audio
– Custom CTA’s
Only links are added sometimes in the messages  

SMS Notifications

A simple SMS notification to your user or subscriber can contribute a great deal to customer loyalty. For instance, when a person receives a reminder of an appointment by the mean of an SMS, the users feel like you care about them. Moreover, the banking and travel alerts help customers in emergencies, which also build up trust for your business among the subscribers. But being a smart marketer, you should never send that type of notifications that directly promotes your company, t

Here are a few examples to consider:

Travel alerts Dear traveler, your checked baggage is missing on flight ABCD. We are so sorry for this inconvenience. Please wait at the baggage desk so that we can assist you.
  Weather alerts Alert: Tornado warning for the district Ohio
  Banking Fraud Alerts ICICI Bank: We have noticed unusual activity with your account no:12345xxxx
Kindly call: 180056565425

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Push Notifications

If the push notification strategy used in the right way, it can be a great way to market a business or a product and retain customers effectively. Hence, to make sure your efforts don’t go down the drain, we’ve created a format to follow these best practices for getting the best results:

  1. Always send notifications based on the user’s stated preferences.
  2. The message of notification should personalize.
  3. Add a clear call to action in the message’s content.

Here are a few examples to consider:

Discounts and Sales Offers Help clients make a purchase decision Last Chance: Take $30 off any item $100 or more. Shop Mobile sales, exclusive, free shipping more.
Review Questions: Get feedback from customers for future use Every time fitness: Thanks for choosing a yoga class! Don’t forget to rate your member experience for taking every time fitness.
Reminders: To help the users to meet their goals Baby Care: You’re sleeping for two, now go and take some rest.
Message Alerts: So that users won’t get any messages Facebook: New message from your friend: David
Intriguing Message: To bring and draw the attention to get the users back into the app. Spotify: Cardi B’s new hot song is released. Check out here.
Freebies: In case if the users are still not coming back. Twitter: It’s been so long that you haven’t posted in your profile. Your friends are waiting for you.
New offers: Introducing the latest hot offers Amazon: The galaxy is coming home to you with a 50% discount and more exciting offers


The push notifications and SMS messages are both considered as one of the most effective channels of direct communication with customers of a mobile application. Both can be used together in one app to enrich the user experience. Every business decides accordingly what will fit best for them. 

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