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Most Common Email Marketing Problems for Beginners

Most Common Email Marketing Problems for Beginners

If you want to get the most significant ROI for your business, you should be doing email marketing.

This is true but then once they start facing problems with their email marketing, most beginners start to lose heart.

Here are the 4 most common problems that beginners will most likely be facing when starting with email marketing hub.

Low Delivery Rate

A delivery rate is simply the number of emails sent and received by the recipient versus those that bounced or were not successfully delivered.

So, to make it easier to understand. If you sent 100 emails and only 63 of them were successfully delivered then you have a 63 percent delivery rate.

A low delivery rate is affected by the reputation of the email service provider. The better the reputation, the higher the chances of your emails being delivered.

Solution – IP Warming

IP warming is the process of increasing the volume of messages a user (you) sends from one IP address. This process establishes the reputation of internet service providers.

Fortunately, when you subscribe to email marketing platforms or service providers they already have this covered because they own many shared IPs for their clients.

Low Open Rate

Low open rate is the term we use to determine the percentage of how many unique opens you got upon sending your email.

The goal is to get as many unique opens for every email campaign you send. There are many reasons you could be having this problem, and here are a few to mention.

  1. Sending too many emails
  2. Your subject lines are not compelling enough
  3. Your emails are not mobile-friendly
  4. And, Your email is not personalized
  5. You are using keywords that trigger a spam filter


  1. Don’t send too many emails at once. Don’t spam your prospects.
  2. Make sure you have titles that offer a benefit that users can’t resist.
  3. Today, everything is mobile indexed first, so you should make your emails mobile-friendly.
  4. Ensure that your emails are addressed to the person like you are having a one-on-one conversation. People can detect a template when they see one.
  5. Many keywords trigger a spam filter today, like “free,” “buy now,” and more. It would be best to inform yourself what these keywords are and avoid using them.

High Unsubscribe Rate

Having people unsubscribe from your email list is both a good and a bad thing. It is good because it leaves room for more subscribers who are genuinely interested in your business.

However, it becomes a problem when the number of unsubscribers is way too high than expected.

When people are unsubscribing more than the average number, something is wrong.

According to Smart Insights, the average unsubscribe rate is 0.49%. Depending on the niche you are in, that could be different.


1. Segment your subscribers

Don’t send the same email to subscribers who opted for a different service or product on your website.

If your subscribers came from a shoe blog page and you are sending them t-shirt campaigns, they are most likely to get annoyed.

2. Create Useful and Relevant Content

People hate it when they feel like you are selling them something. Their defenses are up, and you are most likely to lose a sale.

The better way to do this is to provide value first instead of asking. Send them relevant information that is practical and shareable.

If you are selling shoes, you could send them an email containing tips on identifying fake products from the real ones.

This provides valuable information while building trust between you and your subscribers.

Low Click Rate

Before you get confused between open and click rates, let’s clarify the difference between these two.

Open rate is measuring how many people opened your email, which helps you gauge the performance of your title and email preview.

Click rate is the rate at which people click the links you have in your email. Suppose you want to send them to a sales page on your website from your email. In that case, you can determine the effectiveness of your campaign by measuring how many people clicked that link and went on to your sales page.


Here are a few solutions you can use to improve your click rate.

1. Again, nail the email title. Make it engaging and irresistible.

As already mentioned above regarding open rate, this is also true with click rate. A few things you can write in your email subject lines are:

  • Benefit
  • Transformation
  • Intrigue
  • Call to action

Learning is a lifetime journey, so while you are doing email marketing, learn how to improve the copy of your titles.

1. Check your email formatting.

How your email copy looks affect how the user responds and reads. Here are some elements that can help improve your email format.

  • Headers
  • Lists
  • White spaces
  • Bucket Brigades (copywriting words that help users continue reading)


Beginners almost always fail to fix these problems on the first try, but the beauty of making mistakes in business is that you get to learn from them. Just be careful not to repeat them more than necessary – once is enough.

You will encounter more email marketing problems, but these are good places to start diagnosing and fixing them.

Author’s Bio:

Author: Kas Andz

Kas Andz is a multi-award-winning marketing leader, and the founder of KAMG. He is one of the top digital marketing experts in the UK and has helped companies and brands across Europe, North America, and Asia to achieve greater revenue and expand sustainably. He also tries to play football when he can but doesn’t succeed as well as he would like.

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