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SEO Content Types That Would Help Your Business Grow

SEO Content Types That Would Help Your Business Grow

Over the last few years, the convergence of SEO content has finally started to take place. Right now, we are witnessing a mind-blowing emergence of content on all the things digital.

While that was a pretty significant evolution, the pandemic has drastically changed the scenario once again. It has shaken things up big time and created an overnight digital transformation. As the businesses across the world start functioning, the hunger for relevant content is becoming much more prevalent.

There is no doubt that the coming months will be turbulent for the world of digital marketing, as people start adjusting to the new normal. In this case, the companies need to create different digital marketing strategies to fulfil the rapidly shifting requirements of the clients.

Edkent Media – a digital marketing company in Toronto, has brought you different content types that will help you to empower your content strategy now and in the future. Check the following section of this article out to make sure that these search-friendly tricks become a part of your content arsenal.

SEO content

Written Word

The text-based search content is still the primary driver of the significant search results. So, if you make it more exciting and engaging, you would be drawing the attention of your potential customers more.

In the search quality evaluator guidelines of google, there is a term called main content. It denotes the part of the page that directly helps it to achieve its purpose. You can use text, video, imagery or even the user-generated content for your webpage. To make sure that your content meets the SEO requirements of Google, you have to understand the following factors by heart.

What Google wants:

Google wants to serve the audience to its best ability. For that, it requires plagiarism-free original content created by the talented and highly skilled content writers. To develop such artistic content, the writer would require time, skill, talent and effort.

Avoid Mistakes That Detracts The Quality:

Google does not want content that riddled with different grammatical errors. It also does not appreciate a range that is nothing but a paraphrasing of another piece. Along with that, low-quality content, failing to cite sources, and meaningless sentences are other mistakes that you should never commit.

Visual Content Types

Depending on the type of question, the images can feature prominently in the search results. It can enhance the quality of a piece of written content. The photos and videos can help you to tell a story in such a way that it becomes calmer for the reader to envision the complex idea.

Most of us already have an idea about how the image alt texts enable Google to understand the relevance of the photos. However, these texts serve a greater purpose. It improves the accessibility of your image content. That’s why you should practice the descriptive alt texts for different content teams. Here are some other issues you should know about the images.

SEO content 2

Google can consider images as the main content of a web page. For example, multiple images of the products is an easy way to make the pictures the main content of the webpage.

Shocking and irrelevant images, sexually suggestive pictures, deceptive photos etc. are all examples of how the images can detract the SEO value of your page easily.

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Types of Video Content

Do you know that per minute, more than 500 hours of videos are adding to YouTube? The astonishing fact is that the users are still not satisfied with it. Studies have shown that users devour more than one billion hours of their time to watch YouTube content. It is a simple indication that you should bring video to your content mix if you have not still done so.

The interesting fact about the videos is that it can act as the main content of the page. More often than not, the videos work exceptionally well to augment the impact of the written text. How-tos, expert interviews, product demos, explainers are some of the best ways of creating high-quality videos. You have to keep in mind what Google wants from the video to take your SEO value to the next level.

Google wants the videos to be well-produced, unique and original.

High E-A-T that supports the purpose of the page is also an indicator of a good quality video.

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Audio Content

In the last couple of years, the voice search feature has exploded. Following this trend, content formats, like internet radios, podcasts etc. have turned the audio content as one of the critical components of the digital marketing mix. However, you have to use structured data and concise headlines so that people understand the type of content quickly.

All in all, optimizing the SEO content after creating it is not a tack that you should use in SEO anymore. The SEO content should develop following the search trends of the audience. Where and how your audience will discover the content is a component you must consider.

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