Top 10 Parameters to Evaluate Your Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Agency is all about the internet. It is defined as using all the marketing efforts in the digital world with channels like social media, search engines, emails, and other websites to connect and communicate with the customers. The process is an entirely new endeavor that provides new ways of understanding the consumers and their behavior as compared to traditional marketing.

There are digital marketing agencies that manage and evolve the changing needs in the digital age. The agency is a brand-development and lead-generating engine. Their complete focus is on result-based marketing in the digital world. And they are a team of strategists, content creators, and consultants that work together to deliver quantifiable results. To succeed in this competing world, it is very crucial to choose the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore.

Working of a Digital Marketing Agency

The complete focus of the digital marketing agency in Bangalore is to combine different strategies and ultimately aim at achieving a single goal. The goal is to drive traffic to the business, whether it’s online or mortar, and to convert a one-time visitor into returning and loyal customers. Compared to traditional marketing, the processes take place much faster and in keeping with real-time consumer behavior on the internet.

Various Departments In An Agency-


Their work is to get in touch with the customers digitally and bring new business on board and handle contracts, and service- level agreements (SLA’s).


They handle the customers/ clients and their requirements on a daily basis. On those requirements, they create strategies and discuss them with other teams.


The primary step in executing strategies for a client in getting content like blogs, website content, nurturing emails and messages, etc.


The teams handle all the social media accounts of the company and facilitate a one-on-one conversation with the customers. They also plan strategies and analyze brand management across all the platforms.


They support the organization by preparing and examining financial records and handling the company’s transactions, etc.

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Strategies Followed By Digital Marketing Company-


To succeed in any organization, it is essential to build digital assets as almost 80% of the total population be it any geographics are available on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. The reason for the popularity of social media is that it provides a free platform to interact with the end-user, whether its B2B OR B2C. It has now turned out to be the most effective way to do marketing.

  1. One needs to communicate and stay in touch with the consumer, dealing with bad press, and developing brand image.
  2. Reputation management- reviewing and managing people’s opinions about the brand.
  3. I am sharing events and stories of the brand with the customers.
  4. Upgrading efforts with the tools to boost social media marketing.

Its represented as the backbone of digital marketing. A branding and marketing agency helps in improving the website’s ranking in search engine result pages. The higher a website appears on the page, the customers are more likely to visit it. For that, the latest search engine algorithms and strategies have to be explored and executed.

  1. One needs to understand the pattern of keyword through keyword research.
  2. They are developing a content mix that might help in addressing what all customers want.

It believes that surrounding your business with useful content is the key to customer attraction. In the digital world, people choose to go with the reading about the brand first and then experience it, and that’s why content helps in building traffic to the business.

  1. Understanding what is searched by the customers and developing the content accordingly.
  2. Be consistent with the subscribers and develop a mailing list to be in touch with them and giving them updates.
  3. Strategize and identify which channel is suitable for the content.
  • Digital Advertising-

The online world gives an unlimited platform to advertise a product or service. There can be specific, target solo ads, and does not have to be demographically based. Google Adwords is one of the services that give you insight into keywords, and one can develop ads based on them. You can deliver your product to a global audience.

  1. Identify the consumer and their interests.
  2. Devise the marketing mix using different analytics tools and implement the best strategy for the brand.

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Parameters To Evaluate A Digital Marketing Agency:

1. Clarifying the company’s goals-

This is an internal activity; this is basically how the company operates toward its goals. This parameter will have massive aftermath on the choice you ultimately make.

2. Appraise their fee structure-

One should ask for complete transparency of the fee-structure, inclusions, and exclusions. A usual fee percentage ranges between 10-20 percent of total expenditure. This allows them to make predictions of what their recurring expenses will be.

3. Check out their social networking profiles-

Any digital marketing agency worth its salt will have at least some members for maintaining a social presence on social media websites such as Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.

4. Internal review mechanism-

An internal review mechanism is essential to detect and correct minor errors. This mechanism is a crucial parameter to save a lot of time.

5. Check out their corporate blog-

Corporate blogs help customers provide useful-specific insights and information about a digital marketing agency. The thoroughness and proficiency with which they market their content will be a good indication of how they will handle/market yours.

6. Reputation and client references-

Any digital marketing agency with a good track record of performance will help clients choose the marketing agency. Keeping a check on people’s reviews and simultaneously improving the experiences for the customers.

7. Subject expert involvement-

Every job requires an expert to carry out tasks accurately and with perfection. Subject experts should be involved to make sure we have an apt strategy, good art, and good campaign which is designed by the performance head, art director, and creative director respectively.

8. Portfolio and client case studies-

Case studies and portfolios exhibit a lot about a digital marketing agency and its proven track record. Client case studies are an excellent indicator of the quality of the production of an agency.

9. Reporting process-

This process plays a crucial role in keeping a check on the progress of the project. One can ask for a sample report, or suggest changes according to their business requirement.

10. Tools-

Digital marketing is all about how the agency utilizes its tools. The future is all about how an agency is willing to learn about the tools which can help the clients fulfill their business requirements.

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