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3 Things to Know About Angular and Angular JS Development

3 Things to Know About Angular and Angular JS Development

Your IT team or IT consultant may or may not know about Angular JS, but you may be trying to decide on a development framework for a software app, a hybrid mobile application development project or some other project. Before you make a choice, there are a few things about Angular you may want to consider.

In this article, we discuss three things you should know about Angular JS and Angular framework. But, before we dive in, let’s define some terms. When reviewing your options for development, you may come across two different names for the Angular framework. The Angular development environment was created in 2010 and, at its inception, it was called Angular JS. Many people still refer to it as such, while others prefer to the Angular framework simply as ‘Angular’, and that name is sometimes followed by a number. That number, e.g., Angular 3 is meant to distinguish the year of release. The latest version, Angular 12, was released in May of 2021.

The Angular frameworks provide a rich set of powerful tools for cross-platform application and application development. By whatever name you know the framework, the basic definition of its purpose and components is as follows:

The Angular JS product is directive-based and is still in use today. This  Google open-source front-end web app framework leverages client-side Model View Controller (MVC) and Model View ViewModel (MVVM) architectures using a JavaScript development foundation.

The Angular version iterations use TypeScript, a superset of the JavaScript environment, and is a modern web application framework that uses a hierarchy of components, and is more flexible and stable than its Angular JS predecessor.

Angular frameworks can stand alone as a development framework, and it is also one of the four components in the MEAN stack framework.  The purpose of Angular is to simplify and speed the process of development and testing.

3 Things to Know about Angular JS

Data Binding

Two-way binding of data helps developers reduce development time because they do not need to continually synchronize the model and the view.


Angular JS could extend HTML using new attributes called directives. These directives transformed the specific document object model (DOM), helping developers to create dynamic and rich content using HTML.


The performance of dynamic apps can lag.

3 Things to Know about Angular


Angular is not a model view (MVC) architecture. Instead, it uses a component-based structure so it is easy to re-use components throughout the application development process.

Differential Loading

This feature was introduced in Angular 8 and it significantly enhances performance by reducing the bundle size and loading speed for browsers.


It is worth pointing out that developers who are trained in JavaScript will need some time to master the Angular environment which includes components, modules, templates, and TypeScript skills. To fully leverage Angular and its new features and structure, your IT team or IT consultant must be trained on the framework and all the new tools.

Whether your team chooses the Angular JS or the Angular framework, there is a lot to like about this approach to mobile application development, and web app development. As the framework has evolved, Google continues to provide strong support for developers, and the large community of third-party developers is quite active and ready to help with tools, add-ons and advice.

Angular JS is currently in use in industries that focus on computers, electronics, finance, science and research, entertainment and other industries. As the component-based version of Angular grows in popularity and developers become more comfortable with the tools, the market will reflect the evolution of this product line. Today, the Angular frameworks are in use in the United Kingdom, the United States, Russia, Taiwan and other countries.

If your business is planning to create a software product, web app or hybrid mobile application using Angular JS or the Angular component-based solution, it is wise to engage a trusted IT consulting partner. A skilled partner will provide a team that can help you select the best option for your business requirements,  and is experienced in the framework you choose. If you want to leverage the possibilities inherent in the angularjs development service framework. For more information visit our Blog.

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