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MFA Meaning: What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

MFA Meaning: What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Multi-Factor Authentication?: Technology changes rapidly. It wasn’t so long ago that cash or cheque was the only way to purchase items and checking your bank account meant visiting a branch. This has quickly evolved, it’s now possible to pay via a contactless card, your phone, or even directly over the internet. Equally, your bank can be accessed to check balances, change services, pay people, and even borrow funds, all through your online app.

However, the advancement of technology and ease of access does create other issues. One of the biggest is the increase in identity theft and the ability to hack into accounts and remove money.

To combat this, there is an urgent need for more IT support workers. You can easily access this field by undertaking an online IT support course. Naturally, educating people about the risks and how to mitigate them is also important.

Part of this is making sure that everyone is aware of multi-factor authentication.

What Is MFA

As the name suggests, MFA simply means you have to verify your identity more than once before you can be authorised to access specific data. It’s commonly used with online financial apps, such as your bank.

To qualify as MFA you’ll need to do more than one identity check, such as having a unique user number matched to a password. That’s one check. The second one would be a confirmation code sent to your designated email or phone number.

The aim is to make it difficult for someone to hack your account as, even if they can figure out your password, they won’t be in a position to access your phone and get the code.

In short, MFA makes it harder for someone to steal your funds.

A good MFA application needs something you have knowledge of such as your ID number, an item only you possess such as your smartphone, and something distinctive to you, such as a fingerprint.

MFA Applications

Naturally, the most common thought when mentioning MFA is your online banking app. Anything that can help to protect entry to your app is a good thing and will help to ensure your money stays where it should.

But, it’s not the only thing that can and should be protected by MFA. Business information is also highly sensitive. It is generally targeted by people trying to steal business secrets, especially if you’re developing new technology. In these instances MFA is essential to protect the information and, ideally, there should be three or more layers of proof required before access is granted.

In fact, any database that contains personal information should be MFA protected as personal information can quickly be converted to identity theft.

Inspires Confidence

Every business needs IT support professionals capable of instigating MFA systems. It’s not just a matter of protecting data, company finances, and client information. A good MFA system also tells other businesses that you are committed to looking after information and you’re a safe bet. That inspires confidence which encourages other businesses and individuals to work with you.

In short, implementing a MAF protocol can help to ensure your business remains competitive and generates a profit.

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