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Why do Developers choose Python?

Why do Developers choose Python?

Python language is extremely popular in IT circles. There are a lot of developers that appreciate the advantages it has. According to the latest survey Python is the most frequently used language in the world. Almost 50% of all developers prefer Python for the development of IT products. In this article, we will define why the Python programming language is so popular among code writers. This information will help you decide whether you should switch to choose Python or apply to a python development company. So, let’s get down to business!

Getting acquainted with Python

The best way to learn about the product is to start with the basics. Python is a general-purpose programming language of a high level. It has a dynamic strong typing and automated memory management feature, aimed at improving the developers’ productivity, code readability and quality. Among other things, Python ensures the portability of programs written in it.

It was created in 1991 and remains popular even in 2022. Despite the fact that the main Python competitor Golang was released in 2012 there are a lot of developers worldwide who opt for the language with the 3 decades history. Python has a large field of application. Specialists use it for building websites, mobile apps, meeting the requirements of scientific computing, etc. It is a perfect tool for the development of top-quality web products. Due to this, there are a lot of world-known companies that take advantage of Python. Among them are even NASA and Facebook. The devotion of such giants to this language makes us believe that it offers something special and beneficial when compared with others. On the Internet, you may find the term “glue language” in the context of Python. This notion describes how smoothly the cooperation between the back and front development can run thanks to it. That’s why developers choose Python for a number of tasks and projects.

It is interesting to know that this language is suitable for both procedural and object-oriented development paradigms. The first one represents a code split into discrete blocks performing the same task. The programmer defines a specific order for all carried processes. OOP model, on the other hand, stands for the development of the software design and focuses on the object rather than the functionality of products. The object is usually represented by a data field with specific behaviour.

The Reasons Developers Choose Python

Python has a lot of advantages that make it so popular among developers. To understand why this language remains so widely used, let’s consider the benefits Python offers its users.

1. Wide variety of usage

This programming language is a great tool for the development of various IT products including games, web applications, and performing mathematical calculations. With the help of Python, developers can also meet the requirements in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is also a beneficial tool for organising communication, implementation of smart technologies, and writing instructions.

2. Being a dynamic language

  Python is a dynamic language that makes it more flexible for performing a range of tasks. Due to this programmers can define the data type automatically and take advantage of advanced visualisation capabilities. However, it can lead to some runtime bugs.

3. Big community of proponents

Python was released nearly 30 years ago. It has gained a great army of fans among the developers. Due to this, there are numerous books, video tutorials and platforms for learning this language. Some of them are free. Apart from studying materials, there are groups where you can ask for advice or recommendation from more experienced specialists.

4. Being relatively easy to learn

A python is a great option for beginners. The language itself has a simple syntax. That is why even children at school usually start with Python. Since this language requires strict rules for writing the code lines, they look more organized and attractive. It also makes the code easy to write, read, and maintain. So, if the IT industry is Greek to you, start with the Python language.

Making conclusion

  Python remains to be among the most popular programming languages in the world. New updates help Python stay afloat, despite being 30 years old. This language offers a lot of advantages to its users and is definitely worth thinking about. Python is a powerful language with simple syntax and sophisticated features. It is the main reason why it is so appealing to the developers. Still, have doubts? Just try it!

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