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6 Tech Resolutions to Set in 2022

6 Tech Resolutions to Set in 2022

As the new year approaches, most people are starting to think about resolutions for 2022. Going to the gym, trying new activities, and quitting bad habits are common resolutions, but there are others to consider. For example, thinking about ways to change your interactions with technology can be a new avenue. When you make a tech resolutions, you can prepare in advance for upcoming changes to your relationship with technology.

Making a tech resolutions can range from better security to updating your devices to increasing your knowledge. Technology is an inescapable part of life, and making resolutions about it can be healthy. Tech can be confusing for those who are new to it or who haven’t made an effort beforehand to learn. By taking advantage of the new year, you can change the way tech is integrated into your life. Here are six different tech resolutions that you can consider setting for 2022.

1. Ensure Your Kids Tech Is Safe

One of the tech resolutions you can make in 2022 deals with your children’s technology. While technology like tablets and phones weren’t common when you were a child, they are now. Your children will grow up with technology being a huge part of their lives. Doing your part as a parent to keep them safe and making technology a benefit to your family is key. Finding a safe phone for kids can go a long way to protect and help improve technology for your family.

Safe phones for kids will have certain sites and keywords blocked to keep them safe. They will also have parental controls, so you can manually block different things. A safe phone can additionally have monitoring available so you can see what your kids are doing. You can have peace of mind knowing your kids are using technology safely.

2. Update Your Tech

Another tech resolution to make is with regard to the quality and age of your tech. Oftentimes we let our tech age and don’t replace it. This can happen because we are used to the way something works or don’t know about better options. It can be a hassle to research and find a replacement item. It can also seem unnecessary if your device works well enough.

Updating tech isn’t a waste of time or money. It can help you get more out of your devices and get better results from your tech. An investment in technology is a good idea, especially if the device is frequently used.

3. Wipe Old Data

Another thing that can be hampering your technology experience is old data. No one wants to delete great pictures, family memories, or important documents. However, blurry photos, old files, outdated software, and data-hogging apps can be cleaned out. Cleaning data leaves you feeling refreshed and can help your technology perform better. Devices that are running slow can be improved with clean data.

Wiping old data can feel overwhelming. Tackling it in chunks or by device can break up the process and make it easier. You can also make it a fun family project to do together. Another tip is to move files you want to clear but might need into an external drive.

4. Update Your Notifications

Notifications are the reminders from websites and apps that help us keep on track of new information. Unfortunately, managing our notifications isn’t always a priority. Have you ever received a notification from an app and wanted to turn it off? Or wondered why another website isn’t sending you notifications? Updating notifications is a great resolution to clean up your technology.

Notifications can typically be managed in a single location on your phone or computer settings. You can change which applications send you notifications and what they look like. You can also consider adding notifications to different devices. For example, texts can go to a smartwatch and social media likes can appear on a tablet.

5. Stay Up to Date on Emerging Trends

Technology is a constantly changing and developing industry. Staying on top of trends can help you be at the forefront of changing technology information. When you are aware of trends, you can make more informed technology decisions. In addition, you can increase your awareness and knowledge of technology and emerging trends. Not to mention, you can join in conversations regarding new technology.

Following emerging trends can help you know more about new technology and changes in trends. This can help you be more confident about your tech decisions and be more knowledgeable overall. You can also plan your device updates and new purchase decisions with more background.

6. Emphasize Your Privacy

Privacy and security are a huge part of technology. Making it a firm resolution to emphasize the value of privacy in your technology can be huge. You can get a secure server or router, change your profile notifications, or change your privacy settings. All of these steps can help you focus on privacy in your technology journey. That helps you and your family stay safe from cyberattacks and other privacy concerns.

When you can confidently manage your privacy and security, you have more control over your technology and devices. That ensures that the journey you take with technology is safe and beneficial for you and your family.

Keeping Tech Resolutions in 2022

One of the hardest parts of new year resolutions isn’t making them, but keeping them. It’s easy to let our goals slip once the new year gets going. However, by keeping firm to your resolutions and keeping them in the forefront, you can achieve great things. Don’t be let down when things slip, but keep heading back on track when you fall behind. Keeping your resolutions in 2022 will make you feel better and help you achieve your goals.

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