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How to Change Text Size in A PDF

How to Change Text Size in A PDF

PDF file format contains text information or images. The format is known to every operating system and with any software it opens unchanged. Many users encounter a problem in the process of changing text in a PDF file because this format is created primarily for distributing, not editing, information.

The PDF file format is a cross-platform electronic document format often used to maintain document integrity. This means that regardless of the application, when viewing a PDF document, it will always look the same. Therefore, the font is usually set rigidly.

If you want to change the text font size, you will need to use special PDF editor software or convert the file to an editable format.

How to Change Text/Font in PDF: Tips

First, a few words about possible situations, since the choice depends on or is lower than the proposed method. A PDF document can combine both text and graphic information, but the format itself applies to a greater extent to a chart rather than a text format.

Nevertheless, the question of how to change text size in PDF may have several solutions:

  • Parts directly in the document;
  • Recognition of graphic objects with text;
  • Opening document in various office applications;
  • Move to another readable format.

Now there is a little more about each method. After considering each of them, each user will be able to determine which method is most suitable and simple for him.

How to Change Text Font in a PDF File

Let’s start with the simplest one. Previously, when the popularity of the newly created format was only tenacious, PDF documents could only be viewed. It’s not about editing and it’s not about speech.

However, over time, the situation in the root changed, as it began to appear special programs, allowed to change the text part, as it is done in any text editor. Currently, the most popular applications can be called SwifDoo PDF, PDF-Xchange Editor and many others, not counting Adobe’s own changes that can be used to carry out such actions.

In almost any such application, the problem (how to change font/text size in a PDF document) is solved completely elementary. In most cases, you need to press the content button and select the necessary range of texts, after which text recognition will start. Once the process is complete, you can perform the same actions provided in conventional text editors.

Using A PDF Editor

There are several PDF programs available online that will allow you to change your font font. These programs are not free, but they usually have trial versions. This will allow you to test them out. One of the most popular programs is SwifDoo PDF.

Step 1. Open the PDF file in the editor. Launch the editor and open the PDF file from the File menu.

Step 2. Click “Edit All” option under the “Edit” tag. The Font entries in the top-left corner is where you will change the font.

Step 3. Select the content you want to change. PDF files are created from text blocks. Select the text block you want to change the font by clicking anywhere in the text.Then select a font in the properties list. The available menu will appear with all available fonts. Select the font/size you want to set your text to.

Step 4. Adjust size and spacing. After changing the font, you may not be aligned as before, then save the changes.

Convert PDF Files

  1. Select a file conversion method. Convert a PDF to Word Document allows you to edit file as a regular document. If you plan to convert many files or have very large PDF files, it is better to download a special conversion program such as the aforementioned SwifDoo PDF.
  • For easy editing, choose the “.doc” format when converting the file. This will allow you to open it in almost any text editor.
  1. Open the file in your favorite text editor. Make any necessary changes to the fonts. There is a chance that the fonts from the PDF file will be transferred 100% correctly.
  • Converting a document sometimes leads to formatting errors. Always check the converted document carefully for errors.
  1. Save document as PDF. Click “Save as” and select “PDF” format. The file will be restored to PDF format

Currently, the PDF format developed at one time by Adobe systems is practically universal because it is in this electronic format. Almost all manuals, documentation technical and other information is saved. But sometimes users have questions about how to change text size in a PDF. This can be done in several ways depending on what actions should be performed.

Convert PDF to Another Format

But eventually it happens that text in a document can be inserted as a graphic object. What to do in such a situation, because such a fragment is how the text editing tool does not recognize?

How to convert PDF to editable text? You can do this using special programs such as SwifDoo PDF OCR feature, where you need to set the scanning and specify the desired format of the output text.

By the way, the same software package is useful and in case recognition is required in PDF format and the original PDF file is protected from editing.

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