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Best Apps for Engineering Students Need to Have in their Smartphones

Best Apps for Engineering Students Need to Have in their Smartphones

With the ever-changing smartphone technology, many people have grown a bit more than are connected to their mobile devices. Smartphones are very popular with most engineering students because of the many useful apps that are available. At a time when phones and tablets have become the primary method for communication and entertainment, people are increasingly using them to carry out work-related tasks.

As the smartphone market grows larger, the applications that are available become more intertwined in society. The device makers understand the importance of these technological advances and began competing for users by supporting developers. A few years ago, smartphone users downloaded more apps to the iPhone than Android.

Instead of having to load bulky books, engineering students are now using the diverse applications available for engineering courses. With just a few engineering apps, students now need a stable internet connection to access useful information to help them learn. If you are a student of engineering looking for applications that will help you during your course, here are the top six applications that will help you this year.

1, Wolfram Alpha

This application, which the students called “Wikipedia of Engineering,” is a computer-based knowledge machine that can use to answer technical questions regardless of the user area.

Users use the application by merely entering questions that are relevant to their area of ​​expertise, and from there, Alpha takes care of the database scan, as well as from selected external sources to obtain an exact response to the request. Please note that, in addition to providing links to other websites related to the query you enter, an answer to your questions must ensure to make them an invaluable resource for students.

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2, Office Lens

This scanning application is the perfect tool for engineers who need to digitize physical documents in a snap. The application allows users to photograph physical documents, crop this image, and save it as a scanned file on their device. You can then use the data in several ways, including Convert them to PDF, Word, or JPG layouts so they can share via email or social media.

Note that the office lens takes clear pictures of your documents for clarity and offers editing functions that allow you to illuminate images or add a little finishing touch to your documents.

Availability: Office Lens is entirely free, and interested users can download the application from their mobile app stores.

3, Engineering Unit Converter

If you are watching for an all-in-one converter for your technical calculations, the Engineering Unit Converter application is for you. This mobile application offers users two swivel wheels where you can select the categories you want to convert and then enter the appropriate units to complete the conversion process.

The application supports the conversion of length, energy, entropy and electric charge in the different S.I. Units with which they can measure.

Availability: This device conversion application is available on all major mobile platforms, including Android, Apple, and Microsoft devices. It is a free application.

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4, Chegg

In recent years, e-learning has become the learning trend for most students and professionals who want to promote their personal development by creating flexible schedules. Chegg is an application that enables this possible learning flexibility.

The application is a platform that allows users to borrow both digital and physical text and provide teachers and students with the resources to communicate with each other.

It specially designed to help students at Hugh’s school, and the university learns more effectively.

5, LectureNotes

The LectureNote application linked to the web platform. It is an Edu-Tech platform that gives engineering students access to all the notes on the courses they have taken. Students and teachers present these class notes. The LectureNotes team also reviews the records sent to ensure quality information/resources are shared.

The application also offers communication options between teachers and students who wish to complement their teaching knowledge.

Availability: The application is available for free on the Google Play Store and iTunes Store.

6, CamScanner

This mobile application is one of my personal favorites. CamScanner is a document and image scanning application that gives you the functionality you need to convert physical documents into digital documents.

With CamScanner, users can take a photo of any document type, rearrange its geometry, change its aesthetic, and upload or send this file to anyone who uses other file formats. The application supports PDF, Word, and JPG formats.

Availability: The application is widespread and can download for free on your Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows devices.

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If you are an engineering student and are looking for the best applications for engineering courses, I think you now have a permanent solution to your problem. While there are many other applications that we don’t mention, the previous ones are the best ones to take your technical experience to the next level.

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