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Call of Duty: 7 Pro Tips for Warzone You Should Know

Call of Duty: 7 Pro Tips for Warzone You Should Know

Call of Duty Warzone is a globally hit game in the FPS category. The intense gameplay-paced action gives chills to players. There is the lobby of professional tournaments in the warzone, which attracts a lot of budding players.

Today, we will suggest the best pro tips that you can use to get better at this game. You can also use cod warzone cheats and increase your lethality. Here are the seven pro tips from our side.

Use Drop Loadouts

Players with customizable loadouts have an advantage over other players. You can use the loadout weapons and perks in the battles. But, it would help if you were careful while taking them in the open. 

As the crate spawns, other teams also rush to control it. It would help if you also watched the roofs for potential snipers. Drop loadouts will elevate your game to a couple of notches.

Make Less Noise

Stealth is the key to winning a call of duty warzone game. Be quiet with your movements and use headphones—move in a crouch position when walking near the buildings. You can sneak up behind enemies without letting them know of your position. 

Use silencers while firing to conceal the weapon sound on the map. If you stay quiet and pay attention, you can hear enemy footsteps. After hearing your enemies come, you can figure out a counterattack.

Give Selective Revives

Reviving your teammate may seem a noble task. But, sometimes, reviving a teammate means losing the whole squad. Do not make a blind dash to revive your teammates. First, assess the situation and place you are in right now. 

Never revive your fallen teammates in the open, as there is high risk. If you have to revive in the open, use smoke grenades to hide your position. Losing a teammate is painful but losing a match is gut-wrenching.

Acquire Heights

It is best to acquire heights and get an advantage early in the game. If you find a good scope, you can use your guns to kill enemies from long-range. Climb on top of a building or get to a hill to increase your field of view. 

If you can find a sniper rifle, that will be the cherry on top. But watch for the players who are thinking like you. Keep an eye on your surroundings for other hostile players.

Drop on Rich Areas

Dropping on loot-rich areas with your team can give you a good start. You can find weapons and ammo early to focus on eliminating enemies. Having a good gun at the beginning is like a blessing in disguise. 

You can engage any landing player and kill it effortlessly. But loot-rich areas have more players, so be watchful of others. If you lose focus in loot-rich locations, you will die immediately. Make a capable player the jumpmaster for the drop.  

Adjust Game Settings

Change in-game settings to increase your performance in the game. Try to set up your ADS sensitivity at 0.80 to improve your aim effectiveness. You can also use auto-aim to ace in high-intensity shootouts. 

But, do not copy the pro settings, or things can get too complex. Keep elevating your skills and adjust settings according to them. Changing the game sounds is also a critical part of settings. You need to boost the sound to hear the enemy’s movements and direction.

Use Kill-Streaks

The call of duty war zone has kill-streaks that are helpful in the battles. Once you make a certain amount of killings in the game, streaks activate independently. You can use the kill-streaks to identify the enemy positions and destroy them. 

You can also call for airstrikes on the enemies. Kill-streaks are a great way of gaining bonuses in the call of duty warzone. But, it all depends on you using the kill-streaks.


If you are not careful enough, the call of duty warzone is an unforgiving game. Always try to drop on the areas that have good loot. Get to heights and kill enemies with comfort if you find a reasonable scope. 

Do not revive your teammates in the open, or the whole squad will perish. Do not make too much noise while walking between the buildings. If possible, use a silencer to suppress your weapon’s blast. Put the kill-streaks to excellent use to enhance your winning odds.

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