Preventing Attacks in Real-Time with RASP

Getting the best mobile device is much important these days. It is the device that can help one carry out various tasks easily. Those who love to communicate on email or messengers, this device can prove highly useful. It also used for many other purposes than communication only. Due to its immense utility, RASP one should safeguard the device against various risks.

It is not an easy task to maintain an app with so many security threats cropping up every day.  In this situation, you have to be very careful while developing apps for your business and test them thoroughly before releasing them to the market. If your app is already running in the market, it is high time that you try them for security vulnerabilities. You can take professional help in this regard as they use advanced technologies like runtime application self-protection to secure your apps.

The most significant advantage you get with RASP is that they offer protection in real-time without your intervention. As attacks have become common and also complex these days, it may not be possible to monitor all the activities manually. Most companies do not have the infrastructure to have around the clock security team for the apps. The best part is that it can run on its own and provide you timely alerts whenever there is an attempt to gain access to your apps.

Why is RASP security important for protecting your apps?

You may wonder why RASP is essential for protecting your apps when you have various other mobile security systems. In simple terms, RASP stays within your app, whereas other security applications monitor the flow of data and character of attacks from outside.Other systems are usually heavy, and you may have to deploy appropriate resources to handle such security systems.

Key benefits of using RASP

There are several benefits of using RASP to protect your apps in a real-time environment.As RASP deploys into your existing servers, there is no need to spend lots of money on separate servers to host such security applications.

It is less expensive when compared with security systems, and it does not require manual intervention in most cases. Only when a threat is received, you need to check it and make suitable changes to the app. Till then, RASP can work on its own and inform you about any security threats in your app.

Yet another advantage of RASP is that it is cloud and DevOps ready, which makes it easy to implement this in most apps. There is no need t make drastic changes in your existing set up to implement this technology. It improves efficiency, and it can easily detect the threats in quick time.

RASP also provides real-time information about the nature of attacks, and this can help the developers to take suitable action to avoid further damage.

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Factors to consider while choosing RASP solutions

If you are planning to implement runtime application self-protection solutions, make sure that they can quickly deploy without making too many changes to your existing system. In this way, it can become cost-effective in the long run.

The RASP should also be capable of detecting a wide range of vulnerabilities so that you need not spend money on various security applications. Apart from that, the system should deliver good accuracy with very few false positives. In this way, the regular working of your app does not get affect due to fake threats.

The impact of this security feature should be significantly less on the overall performance of your application. If it is slowing down your app by a considerable margin, you need to make suitable changes.

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Is RASP alone enough to secure your apps?

It depends entirely on your requirement, and you have to consider various factors before implementing RASP in your apps. In general, RASP solutions can work best when combined with other app security applications. In this way, you can monitor the threats from different systems and get to avoid them before they can do any damage to your apps. The RASP layer will help you to identify the nature of threats quickly and you may get an added advantage.

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