Spying On Your Competitors, Facebook Ads Just Got Easier

Looking to spy on your competitor’s Facebook Ads ? Then you should know the strategy to do this methodically. It is very much essential to check the status of your competitors. You should not take your competitors for granted.

You can also learn something exciting and vital from their success and replicate it at the time of posting Ads. You can spy on your competitor’s Facebook Ads by using the Facebook Ads Spy Tools. Let’s check the list of these best Facebook Ads Spy Tools.

These tools can give you some best idea of what your competitors are running on Facebook and doing. After knowing everything, you can out-perform their strategy easily.

The Top 6 Facebook Ads Spying Tools

There is so much confusion about the ad spying strategy. You cannot copy someone else’s word by word campaigns and all. It is not ethical at all. If you copy the whole thing, then there is an excellent chance of authentication and duplicity. So, these ads spying tools can show you how your competitors are precisely doing and they are using these to get success in their business. You should not use these tools to copy the business models of your competitors. It is all about to present your unique concept and outstanding ideas.

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1. Social Ad Scout

It is one of the popular tools available for ad spying on Facebook. These tools offer you a wide range of options to get the examples of accessing thousands of social ads from all over 21 countries such as the United States, Brazil, Russia, Sweden, Italy, Austria and New Zealand. This tool loaded with unlimited features. It can also provide you with detailed search filters such as text, URL, type of ads, type of device, demographic details and location as well. With this tool, you can get success over social campaigns quickly and smartly.

2. Ad Spy

Ad Spy is one of the most competent ad spying tools in the market. This tool can give you the next level experience as well. With this ad spying tool, you can also search for any ads for Desktop and mobile as well. It has a vast database as well. This tool is the easiest way to find the ad types and variations. This tool can also provide you with so many varieties of layers and designs.

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3. Power Ad Spy

It is one of the leading Facebook Ads spying devices. With this tool, you can discover the ad strategies of competitors that are presently running successfully on Facebook. This tool can give you a perfect and super edged social ad campaign. It can give you so many examples from all over the 15 countries.

4. Connect Explore

Facebook Ad spying can give you a whole new dimension with the tool named Connect Explore. Wilco de Kreij has developed this tool. This tool can give you an expert view and idea including ROI. You can also see the competitive side of your competitors. You can take part in the competition with confidence. It is one of the smart research tools. This tool can also give you enough scope to earn money and win over the best campaigns as well.

5. Magic Adz

It is a viral and powerful social ads intelligence tool. With the help of this tool/device, you can get success over profitable and fast campaigns. Through this tool, you can search for e-commerce ads and find valuable products to sell as well. You can also browse thousands of new ideas and ads. You can select your preferred one from the examples over 50 countries.

6. Adsova

This ad tool can offer you so many options for designs and unique ideas. For visual advertising, this is one of the best tools. This tool has a massive database for perfect and unique visual advertisings. It gives you the scope to see the ROI and so many options as well. You will get easy to navigate layouts as well. The database of this tool consists of text and visual ads.

These ad spying tools are very much efficient, and it can give you so much scope to enjoy the success of winning campaigns. Are you planning to spy over the social ads of your competitors? Then these tools are the best options for you.

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