Legal Translation Services in Singapore 2021

“Translation is that which converts everything so that nothing changes.” Wordsburg provides renowned legal translation services in Singapore for meeting the needs of businesses and individuals. With a vast network of legal document translation experts, we can complete thousands of complex translation needs and requirements today. With the rich and engaging content delivered by our professional translators, we are a pioneering Legal translation agency in Singapore. Our professional translators in Singapore have years of experience expressing customer’s ideas exactly in a language they want to translate. Suppose you are willing to get Certified Legal Translators. In that case, we are there for you 24×7 to provide the legal documents in 100+ languages that include Asian, European, Indian, Middle Eastern, Cyrillic & African languages.

Additionally, you may need affidavits/ Notary. We provide translation services for that also on demand. Thus, all our certified translations with affidavits are generally acceptable to courts in Singapore and overseas for further legal procedures.

List of Legal Documents available for Translation Services at WordsBurg

At Wordsburg provide a high quality of translation work with customized approaches and techniques at the expected of delivery. Our linguists are highly professional who promise to deliver the contents with years of experience in the legal field. Our experienced Singapore-based team with always there to guide and assist you with the best facilities. You can avail the mentioned legal document translation services with our team of experts and professionals within the given time.

  • Memorandum of Association
  • Legal Contracts
  • Articles of Association
  • Constitution
  • Arbitration Documents
  • Court Verdicts
  • Power of Attorney
  • Patents/Copyrights
  • Mortgage Agreements
  • Privacy Policies & Terms of use
  • Trade Licenses
  • Affidavits
  • Audio or Videos for Legal use
  • Other technical documents

The best option for the Certified Legal Translation Services

With the certified legal translation services, we at WordsBurg confirm the accuracy of translations. All translations are acceptable to most government bodies, courts, or Embassies in Singapore or overseas. Other than the translation of the legal documents, we offer legalization services on demand as well. Associating with us will help you in gaining getting privacy by keeping all the documentation information confidential. With the employees, translators  & project managers, we have signed a non-disclosure agreement for assurance of confidentiality. We support the affordable pricing that makes us the best choice for legal translation in Singapore. So, get certified legal translation services with our professional linguists.

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Professional Legal Translation Effective, Relevant & Accurate

  • We provide the Court Accepted Legal Translation Services, i.e. accepted by 190 Embassies and immigration offices worldwide, including the Supreme Court of Singapore.
  • Get the government translation for Departments and Public Sector Companies for relevant Secured Document Handling Procedures.
  • We translate NDA’s, SLA’s, Contracts, Partnership Agreements, and other business information in the required languages. You can get legal advice and support for 140+ languages.
  • The birth certificate translation, University Certificates, Certified Translation of all personal documents can be possible with our legal professional translation experts.

Abolish Translation Challenges faced by Legal companies

Our linguist experts understand the challenges faced by legal companies, so we provide translation services in different parameters regarding all the customers’ needs and requirements. Listed are the significant challenges faced by traditional companies during the translations:

  • Management of massive amount of contents
  • Translation & Compilation of data within time constraints
  • Management of multilingual versions of translation services
  • Maintenance of updated versions in multiple languages
  • Accurate and consistent translation delivery of legal documents

Summing Up

We hope you have the correct information you are looking for regarding the Legal Documentation translation. If you are willing to get the legal translation services, our translators & staff are there to guide and assist you with years of experience in legal documentation. We promise our customers to provide the Non-Disclosure Agreement to assure the safety & security of the documents. Thus, let us be your language partner for long-term global and individual success in the Legal industry. We are combining state-of-the-art translation technology with human intelligence that results in Best Legal Translation Services delivery to the clients.


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