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What is Text to Speech? The Advantages of using it, and most Importantly, How to use it

What is Text to Speech? The Advantages of using it, and most Importantly, How to use it

Every business wants to offer a good user experience to its customers. Irrespective of the technology and its price, businesses adopt services facilitating smooth functioning. Whether a website, app or online service, companies adopt a minimalist digital approach. Such a comfortable feature that’s been around these days is text-to-speech technology.

Also known as TTS, it is the conversion of text to audio format. Previously, it was efficient, but with the advent of deep learning and artificial learning, things have changed. Text-to-speech technology can remarkably interpret the text and be used in several places for a better user experience. With the advancement in technology, there have been several voice generator text to speech software available. However, it is important to choose the one that goes well with your project. is a great voice generator that helps generate voices in different tones, from chirpy voices to formal ones. You can change the rate, pitch, and volume of the voice according to your preference. You can highlight the text as the audio proceeds. Using its multiple voice feature, allows users to play a text in multiple voices and pick the one which suits them best. Using a single button, you can embed the listen button on your blog. It is a great tool for businesses and websites.

How does it work? accesses the words and transforms them into phonetics. It takes this phonetics and plays voice clips in a sequence of the text written. And, it is done within seconds.

Online users have always faced the problem of readability, with the text being in an unknown format or language on some websites. Using text-to-voice systems, these problems can easily deal with. Regardless of what the size is and what the format of the document is, everything which is readable is now audible with

Benefits of Speech Recognition Software

Text-to-speech benefits include many things ranging from better user experience to streamlining the development procedure. Readers appreciate websites that support audible content.

Here are some benefits of speech recognition software:

  • Amazing user experience

Have you ever thought of something that can read everything from a story to recent news? This is the biggest benefit of speech recognition software. Lower your workload and enhance accessibility by offering a remarkably personalized experience.

  • Easy development

In the era of scalable infrastructure and highly elastic technology, TTS is something that can be scaled as per your preference and requirement. It can appended on cloud and on-prem. Thus, it lowers the workload and saves resources needed for maintenance.

  • Better learning

TTS is highly beneficial for students and kids. Kids comprehend more through audio and visual output and can better retain and learn when using text-to-speech software. It has a positive effect on their soft skills.

  • IoT integration

IoT is one of the most sought-after technologies and TTS is highly being used in it. The IoT combined with TTS yields highly fruitful interactions with the users.

  • Publishers and customer service center voices

Publishing content will never get old. Adapting to the advancement of content, developers can use TTS software to convert their eBooks, articles, and stories to audio. Customer care service centers can use high-quality AI conversations with consumers.

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