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How Mobile Technology Is Elevating the Food Services Industry

How Mobile Technology Is Elevating the Food Services Industry

Mobile Technology: The foodservice industry is no stranger to change. Its history is footnoted with all manner of technological and social developments, from the invention of industrial ovens to the (much more recent) introduction of online ordering.

At every step, some industry incumbents are hesitant to adopt change – after all, the status quo was working just fine. That leaves space for up-and-coming businesses who are willing to embrace technology to innovate their way to success.

That’s exactly what we’re seeing right now, as advancements in mobile technology elevate the foodservice industry and early adopters reap the benefits.

If you own or operate a food service business, and are weighing whether to call that mobile app development company in Toronto or not, read this article. Below, we explore four ways that mobile app technology is solving industry problems and addressing consumer pain points.

Front Of House: AI-Powered Customer Service

There’s no replacement for a great restaurant front-of-house staff. Servers, hosts and FOH managers do it all – they answer questions, make product recommendations, deal with complaints and expedite service.

As more restaurants shift to online spaces, there has been a “customer service vacuum.” When a customer orders online, there’s generally no one on hand to guide the experience or absorb criticism. Thankfully, advancements in mobile technology are changing that. Forward-thinking mobile app development companies are building apps with chatbots, AI-driven customer guidance and product recommendations based on dynamic segmentation.

Whetting Appetites: Augmented Reality

Have you ever ordered online (or in a brick-and-mortar restaurant, for that matter) and wished there was some way to see the product you’re about to purchase? It can be frustrating ordering from a text-based list of dishes because the results might not pass muster.

To solve this common pain point, some app developers are using augmented reality in mobile apps. With augmented reality, consumers can visualize their meals before they order. Beyond satisfying a customer’s desire for information, mobile AR is an engaging way for businesses to interact with their online customers.

Customer Retention: In-App Loyalty Programs

Mobile technology allows foodservice businesses to effortlessly and intuitively integrate customer loyalty programs. There’s no need for physical stamp cards or human error (i.e. a well-meaning barista who forgets to stamp the card). Everything is automated, automatic and localized conveniently within the customer’s app.

Greater Accessibility: Voice-Based Ordering

Lastly, mobile technology can elevate foodservice businesses by making them more accessible. Voice-based ordering is a relatively new advancement in mobile technology that allows customers to order hands-free. Assistive and speech recognition technologies are widely regarded as steps forward in web accessibility and universal design.

To summarize, new mobile technologies allow foodservice businesses to upgrade their customer service, solve common consumer pain points, foster brand loyalty and create new mechanisms for accessibility.

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