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5 Best Paraphrasing Tools for Students

5 Best Paraphrasing Tools for Students

The process of writing an academic paper is one of the toughest ones. As compared to other writing categories, academic assignments require more research. The deadlines are tight, so students have to save each minute. Even experienced writers find it hard to meet timelines because several tasks have to complete before submission. Apart from the compilation of content, writers have to spend time on paraphrasing tools as well.

For instance, if a student has one week to complete a research paper, he has to achieve the content compilation tasks as well as paraphrasing in the given time frame. To get done with things on time, using a paraphrasing tool is an excellent option. The specific period spent on paraphrasing would save.

Be careful about picking a useful paraphrasing tool

A paraphrasing tool is helpful because students do not have to go through manual rewriting. However, this statement holds water only if you are using a state of the art tool. A substandard paraphrasing tool would worsen the situation instead of improving it. Hence, while making your selection, make sure that you have examined all angles.

You should be able to scan each sentence through the tool. Other than that, it should have a stable technical development platform so that there are no processing problems. With substandard paraphrasing tools, students face several issues. Such tools stop responding or get hung. With reputed tools, you do not have to go through issues such as they are programmed using dependable platforms.

If you talk about the top 5 paraphrasing tools for academics, here are the soft wares that stand out.

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1. Softo paraphrasing tool

This tool is suitable for all kinds of writers, including students. College and university students are always running for the time while working on their assignments. Even a delay of one day means the task would reject, or a deficient grade would be awarded. In both these cases, the student would suffer.

This online free paraphrasing tool provides accurate, paraphrasing options.  In other words, each line of the content would be rewritten. It is hard to get this level of efficiency from most tools, particularly paid ones.

· No conditions applied for free usage

This tool is 100% free, which acts as a significant plus point. There is nothing better than getting content paraphrased instantly without paying for it. With this tool, it becomes much easier to meet timelines.

· Save time with online usage

Offline tools do not have a straightforward process for usage. You need to install various applications before running the actual tool. A lot of users struggle when they do not have technical expertise for it.  

On the other hand, when you are using online plagiarism checkers, you can start without installing anything. This paraphrasing tool can use without completing any download requirements.

2. Quillbot Paraphrasing tool

Quillbot is the best paraphrasing tool and comes with FREEMIUM features with an immensely easy user interface. It is a tailor-made tool for students seeking quality paraphrasing tools for academic assignments. While working on academic papers, students have to focus on quality and timely submission.

Quillbot is a state of the art source that helps in fulfilling both these requirements. Students can compile the content and then perform the rephrasing tasks using this tool. 

· No guidance needed to use the tool

Do you need help with using the tool? No, it is a straightforward tool, so no assistance is required to use it. Even users who view the tool for the first time use it without any problem. Users only have to perform the easy task of pasting the content. Then, there are 05 modes available with different paraphrasing tools strength plus the Word Flipper that provides an extra boost to paraphrasing result.

· Paraphrasing Modes

Fluency mode corrects grammar, Standard mode paraphrases while keeping the structure readable (but not plagiarism-free), Suggestive way changes the content with much stronger than the previous two modes, Creative mode is a king among these 05 modes (love it personally), and the last mode is Concision mode, that tries to shorten the sentences.

Word Flipper option changes more and fewer synonyms depending on the chosen strength.

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· Accurate end to end paraphrasing

A lot of students end up with rejected assignments because the paraphrasing not done correctly. Consider that you have submitted a task and it has four plagiarized paragraphs. When the research supervisor checks it, this fault would be recognized immediately.

Well, that’s not the case when your Quilling assignment with Quillbot. Just a little proofreading required, and then you are ready to go.

3. AI Article Spinner

AI Article Spinner is the best article spinner that rephrases the content considerably plagiarism free and readable. It used online, and no costs applied to the users. It is suitable for article writers and students. Professional article writers have to produce fresh content now and then.

To start with, they have to survey different websites and collect information. It is already a task that consumes long time slots. Hence, completing paraphrasing tasks in the same time frame is quite hard.

After the information collection process has completed, the paraphrasing can do using this tool. It rephrases the content with accuracy so that no plagiarism related penalties applied to the writer. It does happen that when you count on reading each line and then rewriting it, some parts of the content are left. You can be completely relaxed if you are using this paraphrasing tool. It runs through each content section and rewords it.


There is a difference between a free tool and a free tool without any dependability problem. This paraphrasing tool is free, but you can rely on it entirely. There is no need to doubt whether the content would be paraphrased on end to end basis.

Even if you have content with word length in thousands, it would appropriately paraphrase without any. Does this tool have a confusing interface? The answer to this question is no. The options and features of this tool are simple and easy to adapt.

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5. Paraphrasing tool by SEO Magnifier

If you want to get rid of tiring paraphrasing tasks, this is one tool you should count on. It is useful for all categories of writers, including bloggers and academic writing professionals. If you want to get the content paraphrased properly without using your precious time, this done a tool that can help you. This paraphrasing software provides a combination of accuracy and time optimization. In other words, content is paraphrased in a quick time without any mistakes.

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