Why You Should Buy Wireless Headsets for Working from Home

Many of us are juggling a hybrid lifestyle slashed between home office and workplace. If you’re working from home, you should understand the importance of good-quality headphones or earbuds. A good pair of headsets is priceless, especially if you have to frequently join virtual meetings or conference calls. Headphones improve call quality and work productivity because of their features like –

  • active noise cancellation to block background sound;
  • wireless capability to move around freely;
  • voice control to interact with smart Assistant-enabled devices.

Plus, headsets are versatile. They can enhance your multiplayer gaming experience during downtime. There are plenty of reasons why having a pair of wireless headsets or Bluetooth headphones during ‘work from home’ is necessary. The good news: several renowned companies are manufacturing and offering these devices. For example, Lenovo deals in Jabra headsets, Jabra earbuds, and more corded and Bluetooth options —all at an affordable price.

Below are some of the reasons why a wireless headset is a must for working from home.

Easy Set up

These days, most telephone devices and mobiles come with a Bluetooth function. To connect the headphone with a device, you just need to power the button for the unit. Then, turn on your connecting Bluetooth device and place it within 3 feet of the headphone to pair it. Once the device is paired, you’re ready to go. Pairing your newly bought unit is much easier than setting up a more traditional headset, which includes a configuration process on your laptop or computer.

Pairing with Multiple Devices

Don’t be surprised that headphones can be paired with up to eight different devices. In fact, Jabra Bluetooth headsets have this feature. These wireless headsets can be registered (paired) with multiple devices easily. You just need to switch the Bluetooth connection to the desired device whenever you need it.

So, if you need to use more than one device while working at home, bring a wireless headset with this feature and link up to more devices at a time. This is really handy and you can easily switch among devices whenever you need to.

Conference Calls from Short Distance

What makes wireless headphones unique is that you can join online meetings or conferences from anywhere. Whether you’re at a hot desk in a co-working space, at home, or even holding a new hour at your local coffee shop, the unit will allow you to connect with your clients or colleagues via Bluetooth.

You just need to maintain a specific distance between connected Bluetooth devices. 25 to 100 meters range can be better. So, you can still focus on your work without being at your workstation and keeping the headset plugged in. With a decent range, you will also be able to walk around while talking and can take a break from the desk without skipping any important meeting or message.

Features for Effective Work from Home 

There are more reasons why choosing wireless headphones for working from home is necessary.

  • Minimum 12 hours of talk time on a single charge
  • Easy Volume Control
  • Considerable Range
  • Passive noise cancellation & lightweight
  • A 100 foot (30-meter) Wireless Bluetooth/ Radio range
  • World-class set of microphones
  • Compatible with Windows laptop, Android phone, or iPhone.

All these stunning features make a wireless headset perfect for working from home. When buying one, make sure you have got all the features you need. Some of the key features are as below.

  • Microphone

  • Check the microphone attached to the new unit. It allows you to join in conference calls without having to use a loudspeaker. The microphone should have the ability to cut out any unnecessary but inevitable noises.
  • Noise-canceling:

  • This is another feature that makes your work-from-home experience hassle-free. Check the noise-canceling feature in the device. It means you can join calls without any distraction from unavoidable sounds, such as doorbells ringing in the background or barking dogs.
  • Low interference:

  • With wireless headsets, there is no issue of interference with other wireless devices. A technology called Frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) in the wireless set reduces interference and avoids interception. This is a technique to transmit radio signals by switching carrier frequency across various channels with a pseudorandom sequence, which is already known to both the receiver and the sender.

In addition to this, wireless headphones use low-power wireless signals which can eliminate interference. This means that you can have uninterrupted virtual meetings or conference calls with your clients and colleagues.

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A pair of wireless headphones is a perfect choice to make hands-free calls or communicate with clients. They are packed with built-in active noise cancellation (ANC) technology. They are beneficial for two-way voice and video calling. Some of the unique features of Jabra wireless headsets is that they have 37 hours of battery life in 2.5 hours for a full charge. They can do a great job by canceling noise even in noisy homes. Get 8 hours of battery life just in a 15-minute charge.

Buy any headsets for work that can be used throughout the day. Choose one that is smart, casual, stylish, and has a trendy design. You can find some over-ear headsets with a battery lifespan of more than 30 hours. Some other factors that need to be considered are headband material, cushioning, and earcup flexibility.

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