2021 Top 5 Best Cars To Buy For First Time Car Buyers in Thailand

Thailand is one of the most loved and famous places not only to travel but to live in as this offers a lot more than the scenic tourist attractions and stunning islands. It is best known for its less expensive living as well. Maybe from house rents to daily staple food, the basic necessities of Thailand are quite affordable for people living there or planning to move. Apart from essentials, there are far more things to build your living standards, and their things could cost you much to your pockets. There are other utilities which do cost you, like buying your car.

No doubt the Skytrain and subway services are excellent there and quite convenient for people to travel and public transports, but for those who live there, they need their transport system besides some places where the BTS cannot take you. Hence when it comes to buying your car, it does cost you a lot more since the vehicles are imported to Thailand, and the availability of all the models gets difficult. If you think about renting a car there, then that’s something you need to give a second thought to because renting a car is like ten times more expensive than renting a bike. So what are the best cars suitable for you to buy in Thailand?

Here are the top 5 best buying cars in Thailand.


This car was officially first launched in Thailand and is a PPV-type utility vehicle. This was found on October 28, 2020, and belongs to the second generation of MU-X. The range of Isuzu MU-X starts from 1.109 million baht to 1.579 million baht, depending on the model and different ranges. It provides a new look to the Isuzu vehicle models in the market. Isuzu Mu-X is the advanced model of Isuzu D-Max but towards a more premium and luxurious look for the customers in Thailand.

2.Toyota Hilux

Toyota has come down in the list to the second position after being the leader for two consecutive years. This is one of the most famous and in-demand cars in the Thai market, holding a shared percent of 17.1.

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3. Toyota Yaris

Toyota has doubted some brilliant cars in the market to suit people’s living standards and hence hold the third position in the market with 4.3% shares.

4. Nissan Kicks

This time, we have Nissan attracting the customers of Thailand in the International motor expo. This will give them the experience of Augmented Reality technology of Japan and curved LED screens.

5. Honda City

The Honda cars thereby sticking to top vehicles providing the best comforts to the buyers in Thailand. Honda cars have been on the market for more than 20 years now, providing immense benefits like plenty of spacing, two engines that help boost the performance and efficiency of the car to its best, features like Alexa connectivity sunroof. This car holds 0.2% shares in the market.


Due to the pandemic all over, the volume of buying cars has drastically fallen as the market got a terrible hit. However, it has been predicted by the automotive consulting Analyst that not only the need and production of these cars has lowered down, but the buyers are also hesitant to buy now as we are very well-known about the COVID conditions. Since last year, it was all new, but this disease has created havoc among the people this year as the tourism sector faced a drop-down and so has the primary income source for the people in Thailand, affecting the people’s economic growth. Although no doubt soon the automobile industry will be in full swing as people would prefer to have their own vehicle for traveling rather than to use public transport.

No matter if it’s a billionaire or an average earning person, This pandemic has made the situation worse for everyone. Therefore before buying any cars, it would be recommended to go through the car details through the website and check the specifications as per your requirement that not only suits your pockets but suits your comfort too.

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