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Sea of Thieves Beginners Guide – 7 Tips for Beginner Pirates

Sea of Thieves Beginners Guide – 7 Tips for Beginner Pirates

If you are a die-hard player, you might have heard of Sea of Thieves. It is an adventurous journey that drops the players right into the deep ocean as soon as they start. Indeed, it is a pirate game all about fighting with the fearsome monsters, clashing swords, and claiming the loot.

Sea of Thieves can be overwhelming when you play it initially, as the task of commanding your job can be a bit tricky. You have a lot to learn if you want to win sea battles, gather treasure, and end up being the best pirate on the Sea of Thieves.

Here is a Sea of Thieves Beginners Guide to becoming a compelling pirate.

1.  Know Your Ship

Sea of Thieves has three different ship types, each designed for a specific number of players. You can captain any of them with a fixed number of crew members. Ships have an anchor that you have to raise and lower manually and sails that you can open, turn, and close. Each ship has one cannon set for you to fight and a wheel near the back.

Sloop ship is fast and agile and is mainly for 2-3 players. It is easier to control but lacks offensive capabilities. Brigantine is specifically for three players with good speed and firepower. Galleon is big and sturdy and made for four players. It is a bit slow but can destroy almost anything that comes in its path.

2.   Have Supplies Always

You will be randomly dropped to an outpost with your ship once you spawn in the Sea of Thieves. So, your priority should be to gather food, wood, and cannonballs. You can find the items in the barrels throughout the outpost. You can hold multiple items simultaneously so continue making trips back to your ship and empty your pirate’s inventory.

You can use the Best Sea of Thieves Cheats to get more supplies and treasure and play the game with more power.

3.   Pick Your Voyage

You should select the quest type you want to go onboard. Sea of Thieves has three core fractions with which you have to deal. Each fraction will offer you unique quests to embark on. The quests are the Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls, and Merchant Alliance.

As a beginner, you can choose either a Gold Hoarder or Order of Souls mission as these will help you hunt treasure.

4.   Roast Food On Your Ship

Every ship has a little oven and a pan roaster below deck. You can roast any food on your travels, especially meat. Roasting meats will make them safe to eat and make you healthy during the battle. You should watch what you are roasting to know when it is done and take it off the grill before it burns. You can start fires by leaving food items on the grill for a long time to have a better-cooked meal.

5.   Accomplish Tall Tales

You can participate in Sea of Thieves’ Tall Tales, the game’s story-driven missions. You will have to follow haunted compasses, battle Skeleton Lords, and solve puzzles. After completing it, you can unlock and visit other outposts to start subsequent chapters in Sea of Thieves.

6.   In-game World Events

Sea of Thieves has two in-game world events. One of them will trigger randomly that involves a variety of enemy encounters like Skeleton Ships, Kraken, and Megalodon. You will come to know when the encounters will begin as the music shifts to a more dramatic score. Remember, if the water under your ship turns black, then Kraken is about to attack you.

7.   Know Combat

Sea of Thieves will have various non-boss NPC enemies that you will frequently encounter. The game also has a variety of skeletons for which you will require a different tactic to defeat. You can use a Cutlass and either a Flintlock Pistol while combating skeletons.

Try to lead your shots during cannon fire while fighting on the seas. Aim your shot below the waterline against bigger ships like a galleon. If you are confident of your aim and shot, you can destroy anchors, wheels, and masts.


Sea of Thieves is a playful game that offers ample opportunities to experiment and play. You only have to be careful and apply appropriate tactics as a newbie while playing. Practice and experience will help you gain excellence in the game. The above Sea of Thieves beginners guide will take you on an exciting sea journe

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