When is the Right Time to Work Out?

Morning or evening workouts? Which one is best for strength, cardio, and muscle? While each of these may have its own benefits, choosing the right time to work out is going to highly depend on your personal goals, fitness level, and determination.

Some people swear by a 5 am morning jog for their daily dose of cardio. Others love a simple mid-day walk, and others like to sweat it all out at the gym during the late-night hours. But, when is the right time to work out?

Fact is, there is no right or wrong time to work out and tone muscles. However, calories are burned at certain times of the day, which significantly affects how you feel while working out and will influence general fitness health.

When Is the Right Time to Start Working Out?

1.Morning Hours (for Cardiovascular Health)

In the morning, glycogen is slightly depleted due to having not eaten for many hours. This fasted state increases fat oxidation, and the ability to resist heavy training lowers. You will be able to fully concentrate on any cardio activity such as running, jogging, or walking because your mind is relaxed and calm.

Furthermore, if you want to enhance cardiovascular health efficiency, then morning hours are the best. Also, our bodies are always stiffer in the morning hours due to the accumulation of synovial fluid. This is why low-intensity exercises such as cardio are recommended, as heavy equipment lifting might cause muscle pain and injury. This makes it the right time to start working out.

What other benefits do you get from morning workouts?

  • Working out in the morning boosts testosterone. Studies show that engaging in physical activity three times a week is linked to increased testosterone levels over time.
  • Exercising in the morning also increases metabolic rate. On the other hand, adding some strength training to your morning workouts can maximize lean body muscle, tone muscles, and boost overall health.
  • It also boosts mental concentration and flexibility.
  • Less/no air pollution.

To get your daily dose of cardio fast, we recommend the best treadmill for your apartment. What is a treadmill, and why should you purchase one? A treadmill is a compact fitness machine that is perfect for home use.

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2.Evening Hours for Strength Training

Unlike cardio, strength training can be done in small intervals without a change in body temperature. Evening workouts also do not disrupt body temperatures.

Strength training during evening hours promotes cortisol hormone because you induce a physical strain that looks similar to a body under stress. It is not bad because the body muscles under strain require enough oxygen, which can be supplied during an intense workout session.

However, too much stress is linked to many health conditions such as increased fat storage, obesity, and heart attack. The good news is that cortisol levels are lower at night than in the morning. So, you can lift heavy, tone muscles, and sculpt physique at night.

Having a strong core is similar to having a solid foundation for a building. In strength training, the “core” is generally considered the abdomen, pelvic floor, and obliques. However, the term also applies to upper chest muscles, diaphragm, and spine.

Think of it as an expansion chamber that covers your abdomen. The core has many key areas, and keeping these muscles healthy and fit is of imperative importance. Having strong and flexible muscles can also boost your strength and fitness in general.

Are you experiencing back pain or weak pelvic muscles?  We rounded up the best gym equipment for core strength to help you stay in shape in 2021.

3.After Taking a Rest

If you wake up feeling very sore after yesterday’s workout, chances are you will not be thrilled about hitting the gym or taking a run. The pain originates from Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). This happens when the body does not rest after an intense workout.

The good thing is that you can reduce muscle soreness by working out heavily only in the evenings or late night hours. Lifting equipment, HIIT, strength training at night optimizes oxygen use and boosts anaerobic capacity during endurance. This generally reduces muscle soreness. Ideally, it is the right time to start working out.

4.After Warming Up

Increased flexibility is vital and never a bad idea. Warming up before a workout improves your flexibility by the end of the day. Flexibility also increases a wide range of motion and, on top of that, prevents exercise injuries.

We recommend the following best yoga balls for desk as a pre-work-out warmer. Known as an agility ball/swizz ball or an exercise ball, it can be used to increase flexibility, support posture, and improve a wide range of balance at work. The simple fact that many people sit all day during work makes it a tool of greater importance.

A yoga ball is the best alternative for a chair that has moved from the gym to the office. You do not have to roll, sit, and pro-bounce in between emails all day. A 2-hour upright posture on a yoga ball can engage your core muscles and correct bad posture.

Final Take Away

In our own individual journey and fitness goals, getting/staying in shape is a habit that any fitness enthusiast should build. However, everybody’s schedule is unique and different; so, it is better to exercise when you feel best suited or comfortable.

Choose a time you can follow. If you want a boost in cardiovascular health, morning time is best for you. And, if you are also looking to maximize gains, it is best to schedule your workouts to afternoon or late evenings. The most critical thing is to be consistent.

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