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How do you earn EA Points?

How do you earn EA Points?

EA Points are essential in a match. They are part of an online game mode called FIFA Ultimate Team or FUT. Besides that, qualifiers are supposed to earn points to compete for the FIFA world cup.

Performance determined by rankings. Top gamers take part in online competitions. Moreover, points give players a chance to purchase to get players. You will be sure of not putting your gaming account at risk. EA Points earned in several ways. This article discusses simple ways to earn points.


The point-bought in various ways basing on the platform that you use. It includes web App, origin store as well as code. It is our recommended site for buying EA Points

See the three ways below:

Buy points for personal computer

Origin store

Visit origin store then put your details to log in.

Search EA Points to select the amount you want then click buy.

If you have enough funds, the process will start immediately, and the points will then added to your account. On the contrary, if you have less money, you will use a payment method to add the account.

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FUT store

Login the Ultimate Team and search store then select FIFA points.

Select the number of points since they sold in bundles. Then you will be directed to the origin store.

The download will start if you have enough money. The points will add to your account. Payments methods like a credit card, debit card, Boku SMS, or skrill wallet are available.


Buy code from a trustworthy store. Also, the region should match yours. These codes are available in retailers such as kinguin or amazon.

Go to the internet browser and write then click download origin.

Install the app and put your name and password. You can create if you do not have an account.

Choose redeem product code, put code, and click.

After verification, visit my games tab and download it.

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Web app

Visit the web app and login with your account information.

Click to get more, and you will direct to the origin store.

Choose the number of points you want to buy.

The process will be automatic if you have funds. If the money is less, you will use a payment method to add.

Buy points for Xbox one

FUT store

Open the ultimate team then select FIFA points.

Choose the amount you want to buy. You will be direct to the Microsoft market.

The process will continue if you have enough payment. You will add more money if your cash is not enough.


Buy code from a trustworthy platform. The region should match with you.

Write on the internet browser and access it with your account.

Click the button of redeem code

Click redeem on the next page then enter the purchased code.

Click confirm.

Xbox marketplace

Visit the Xbox market place and login with your account.

Search FIFA points then put the amount you want.

The download will begin if you have enough funds. If the funds are less, you will use payment methods to add.

Buy points for PlayStation


Buy code from a legit platform. It should be a match.

Type on the internet browser, uses your account information to login. Also, the account can access from the console or PlayStation App.

Click manage account

Click redeem prepaid card then put PlayStation card or voucher.

You will get a description of the code is valid. Press redeem to get funds.

PlayStation store

Visit the PlayStation store and put your details.

Search FIFA points and selects the amount you want to purchase.

The process will continue if you have enough funds. You will add money if the funds are less.

FUT store

Login the Ultimate team and select the FIFA points.

Choose the number of points you want.

Continue with the process if you have enough funds.

Why get EA Points

The points save time and increase desired players to your team. It is the most beneficial way compared to other methods. Additionally, this virtual currency has all the requirements needed by the European Central Bank and the US Treasury.

How to receive the points

EA Points received from a digital code. Through email or screen. The code added to the game. An email confirmation is always for old, third party games. If you do not get email, check on the game library. Activate the code through your account or console.

Final thoughts

Online challenges become involved as you improve your team. Points will help you to improve your squad in the challenges. Also, you will be able to keep pace in the competition. EA Points earned by taking part in matches. Purchasing the points is also a fast method to build the top squad. It recommended buying points instead of coins. Purchasing Coins is against EA rules, mainly if obtained from a third party. Henceforth, buy points to prevent punishment. In addition to that, the ends do not have an expiry date; thus, you can spend any time you feel.

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