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How to Get More LinkedIn Followers and Likes?

How to Get More LinkedIn Followers and Likes?

You just started being active on LinkedIn and finding difficulty in getting proper engagement, right? As compared to other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, LinkedIn provides better engagement. The vital thing to keep in mind to gain better traction on this platform is creating quality content, consistently. If you are a newbie, getting expected results may take some time. Here are some tips using which you can get more LinkedIn followers and likes:

1. Add LinkedIn “Follow” button on your website

The first and best way to get more and more followers on your Linkedin profile is by adding the “Follow” button on your website. You get so many visitors on your site when the user finds your content useful, he/she is more likely to follow you on Linkedin. This way, you can very quickly get well-targeted followers on your account.

2. Create in-depth and Quality Content

If you are creating an article to publish on LinkedIn, make sure it is detailed, relevant, and high-quality. Instead of writing on general topics, go a bit specific. By doing this, your published content gets more likes, and people liking your content may follow your account.

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3. Post in Groups

Posting your created content on groups is also a great way to gain likes. By publishing on groups, your content will reach out to more people, and in turn, you will gain better likes and followers on your posts. Make sure the group you select for publishing is related to your content.

4. Send to Individuals

Sending your content to different people can also drive you better likes and followers. During the conversion with your prospective client, when you feel the need, you can send it out.

5. Link to old/relevant Posts

Internal linking can be beneficial. While internally linking different posts, make sure they are appropriate. Linking irrelevant posts will not help you gain views and likes on your posts. For example, if you have previously written a Linkedin post on “How to start blogging,” then it is a good idea to internally link some posts related to this topic like “Factors to consider before starting a blog” or “List of the best blog hosting sites.”

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6. Add Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags game is not just for Instagram. In almost all social media networks, hashtags can drive better engagement. By adding related hashtags to your content, you are allowing people to discover your content and likes, comment, share, & follow your profile. Make sure you don’t add too many hashtags. Adding around 3 to 5 hashtags can drive excellent results. You will get good engagement if you use the right hashtags. Also, you may buy LinkedIn likes to boost the engagement rate, but make sure that you buy only real likes from a trustworthy company.

7. Post Regularly

The main mistake LinkedIn users often make is publishing the content irregularly. Don’t just focus on publishing regularly, and you should also focus on maintaining quality. The more you post the content, the chances of getting your content discovered increases. As compared to other social media platforms, LinkedIn has better reach right now. You can utilize this platform and get more LinkedIn followers & likes.

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