4 New Email Marketing Trends in 2021

1) Automated Email Marketing

An email marketing automation strategy means that subscribers are sent sequences of trigger-based emails as opposed to one-offs. A good emailing automation strategy keeps your communication with our subscribers smooth and consistent.

Furthermore, it gives the customer control of their inbox. Despite today’s content overload, people do not want an influx of ad-hoc emails that are irrelevant. Regardless of how great the content is, they feel invasive and spammy.

Automatic campaigns perform much better than regular email campaigns because they include tailored actions activated by the user. As a result, automated campaigns tend to create much friendlier communication between both parties.

You will not get overwhelmed as all necessary information is delivered in doses, allowing the customer to go straight to the point and learn exactly what they need instead of reading a super long copy.

With GetEmail.io, you can easily find the email addresses of anyone in any company, anywhere in the world in mere seconds, using Machine Learning Algorithms and Big Data. Save time and find people’s address in seconds if you know the first name, the last name and the domain name of a company.

2) Interactive Emails

Customer interaction rises dramatically with interactive responsive emails. They bring marketing to life to drive customer engagement and sales.

These emails contain elements your subscribers can interact with on a different level. The added interactive elements help boost engagement, delight readers and make them stand out in a crowd of overloaded inboxes.

To create interactive emails you can include things like surveys, bold call to action buttons, game-like features like spin the wheel to reveal discounts and offers and much more. Your customers will click on things rather than just read or scan your emails, which will increase engagement.

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3) User Generated Content

The most powerful way of gaining social proof is through user-generated content. When users see content such as images, videos, and reviews created by real, satisfied customers, they are encouraged to become customers themselves.

Use email marketing to share and collect user-generated content. You can also take help from kasandz.com which provides you the best email services to create targeted and personalized messages. You can do this through polls, thumbs-up/thumbs-down buttons, etc., to collect user-generated content from your email list.

4) Artificial Intelligence In Email

The emails you send this year will be even more intelligent with artificial intelligence. Machine learning and AI will help you better serve your subscribers with more relevant emails. These technologies will decide what to write in your emails, what contents to include, what times to send the email, and how to segment your users by demographics or previous activity.

Marketers cannot collect and analyze the vast amount of data online no matter how advanced their technology and software is. Conversely, Artificial Intelligence can do this job with minimal effort.

As a result, list segmentation, content analysis and effective outreach are all tasks that AI can do more effectively than humans.

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