5 Types of Call Center Automations Your Enterprise Should Have in 2021

As thousands of companies shift to a remote virtual setup, without in-house managers to oversee employee productivity, there’s a risk that service levels could decrease. By using automated call center management software, the call center will be better able to adapt to the changing face of the industry with a productive and focused team now and into the future. Here are five types of call centre automation and enterprise should have in 2021.

1. Automatic Number Identification

Automatic number identification is one automation your enterprise should have in 2021 because it can help reduce call wait times and help you achieve great customer onboarding satisfaction. And with the right virtual call center software, you can even have the appropriate information gathered so that your reps know all about the customer and the company’s history of interactions with them before they even take the call. Now that’s efficiency.

2. Workflow Automation

If your call center doesn’t automatically automate workflows, you’re doing it wrong. Workflow automation makes it easier to perform certain tasks, such as sending out e-mails or invoices. A virtual call centre can be used to implement workflow automation and they just might become an essential part of moving forward in the “new normal.” So if you haven’t implemented one yet, it might be time to start thinking about it now so that you can continue serving your customers most efficiently.

3. Sales and Marketing Automation

In addition to workflow automation, your call centre should be able to automate the sales process, meaning it should be able to automate pretty much any task related to the sales and marketing process. For example, sales automation might include automating customer onboarding, data entry or customized call centre sales campaigns. Sales automation tools should make it easy to keep leads warm, and they can be used to help with predictive analysis so that managers and reps can make data-driven decisions.

4. Scheduling Automations

Whatever software you’re using, it should be able to use scheduling automation to make your agents’ lives easier. Scheduling automation tools leverage data to schedule appointment reminders or order and shipment information. You can even use them to send out notifications for your loyalty programs if you wanted to. Scheduling automation can help you provide the best experience for your clients and free up your agents’ time.

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5. Forecasting Automations

Want to leverage the data you’re already collecting about your customers? Forecasting automation can help you take that data and make it useful so that you can make better business decisions based on that data. Empowering yourself by better organizing and understand it can give you the fuel you need to see real business growth this year.

Automation Is Key

Moving into a virtual workspace has been quite a challenge for workers all around the world. By making the transition a little bit easier by implementing automation — for sales and marketing, scheduling, forecasting, workflow and automatic number identification — you transform the way you do business and see your company thrive and grow.

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