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The 6 Most Famous Custom Software Projects

The 6 Most Famous Custom Software Projects

In the current business environment, most organization’s profitability and efficiency go hand-in-hand. More so, the ability to handle tasks appropriately and fast can be the difference between profit clearance and breaking even. With this in mind, most businesses have made it standard practice to address market inefficiencies with custom software rather than off-the-shelf software.

So why custom software? Well, custom software helps your business to achieve a competitive edge while also enabling you to differentiate your service to potential stakeholders. Are you considering investing in customized software application development? This article highlights some of the most famous custom software projects to give you some inspiration.

What Is Custom Software?

Custom software is any software developed from scratch to address a specific problem within an organization. They designed to enhance efficiency and productivity in any company. With customs software, your business defines its functionality adequately, enabling you to focus on a better end-user experience.

6 Top Custom Software Projects

Big organizations such as Apple and Google have attained unicorn status thanks to custom software projects. Here is a list of 6 great software projects used by some of the leading organizations to achieve competitive advantage and market leadership.

Uber’s Ride-Sharing Software

Custom Software

Uber, the hailing taxi company, has disrupted the ride-sharing industry with bespoke engineering software. The company’s relentless efforts in diverse metropolitan cities have been effective in improving the user experience of both riders and drivers with this ecosystem. The software, based on an intelligent dispatching system, allows individuals to order for a cab within their vicinity.

With their custom software, Uber simplified the process of matching riders and drivers. Ride hailers are now connected with available drivers seamlessly. The adoption of the software has helped Uber gain a market share of 76% in the US.

Netflix’s Video Streaming Software

It is now unimaginable that at one time, Netflix was struggling to remain in business. However, following the introduction of its custom software alongside other diverse technological milestones, the company hit new heights.

With the video streaming software, the company has made it easy for people across the world to use its box office and other outstanding hits at relatively lower prices compared to what people would pay to watch the same in a movie theatre.

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Besides, its video streaming software allows:

  • The suggestion of content based on an individual’s watching history
  • Customization of content art as a means of increasing viewership
  • The generation of Japanese subtitles
  • Backend technology that enhances seamless viewing experience on any device
  • Collection of data that helps the company determine the viewer’s preferences

Airbnb’s Custom Platform

Airbnb has become a leader of the on-demand rental economy following the adoption of its custom platform. The software allows anybody with a property to rent it to other people, such as travellers and visitors. This proprietary platform eliminated the need for the transacting parties to meet one on one in an office setting; it also enables authentication of the property, renters, or owners remotely.

The custom software offers enough transparency giving the involved parties the chance to leave a review and rating. Also, making payments across the platform is seamless and highly convenient. Such convenience ensures that property owners can manage their rental property with ease.

Ideally, this software has branded Airbnb the defacto standard in the creation of a sustainable approach to renting of personal properties.

Google’s Search Engine

Some of the once notable search engine names such as AltaVista, Ask Jeeves, or even MetaCrawler have significantly lost it. Over the past few decades, Google has taken over the search engine sector with its custom software. The company now controls about 60% of the search engine market share.

When Google was starting, it capitalized on search results responses and feedbacks to earn the users’ trust as far as the provision of its content was concerned. Such configuration made the search results not only relevant to the specific user but to any other user who would search related keywords in the future.

With time, the company was able to create a reliable and robust search result directory, which was more valuable compared to the existing search engines.

Amazon’s E-commerce Software

Amazon has relied on its web technology to revolutionize the retail industry. Initially, the company was only selling books. However, it has branched out to capture numerous other products, including apparel and food. Amazon’s ability to match customers with a variety of products based on their needs has been the main driving force in the company’s success.

Amazon’s e-commerce software employs stellar customer service and the ability to deliver to customers around the globe. Through the platform, Amazon also collects reliable data on user tastes and preferences. This data helps the company in creating a seamless and risk-free buying experience.

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Besides, the software enhances the automatic processing of returns and eliminates the need for support line calls when making inquiries or placing orders.

YouTube’s Free Video Streaming Software

Youtube software

Where do you rush to for free video tutorials about anything? Well, YouTube. This video streaming platform is a content haven for people across the world. YouTube’s critical custom software offers users content suggestion that’s not only timely but also relevant.

With its feedback loop, the software has made it possible for YouTube to MP3 converter to keep viewers engaged with content that matches their viewing preferences. Besides, users can contribute and improve on subtitle submission ensuring ease of video sharing across social media networks in different languages.

Why Your Business Needs Custom Software

While it is not the famed magic wand for creating a highly successful organization, custom software has multiple benefits. For instance, it will go a long way to differentiating your business and establishing a competitive edge in your niche.

However, to reap from the benefits, you need custom software that has a clear reflection of your business needs and maximizes your team’s effectiveness. For most businesses, achieving this means hiring individuals with the necessary expertise for customized software application development.

Bottom Line

Over recent years, custom software has helped small and large businesses improve their operations, enhance customer service, and become operationally efficient. From the examples highlighted above, it is clear that identifying custom software that aligns with the industry needs can go a long way to helping a company gain a significant market share.



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