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Ready For An Eco-Friendly Addition To Your House? Try Skylights!

Ready For An Eco-Friendly Addition To Your House? Try Skylights!

Roof Skylights can be a beautiful addition to your home. It is the best way of providing natural light inside your house. Skylights also help to create a better indoor climate and bring fresh air into your home. Most homeowners install skylights because they love to follow the green trend in all possible ways—Velux, the primary manufacturer of skylights in the world that offers quality. A wide range of products has its distributors in all the major cities of Australia. Therefore Velux skylights in Melbourne are readily available too.

Velux skylights would best fit in the bathrooms, pantries and hallways of your home. Installing Velux skylights in smaller rooms can make the room appear to be bigger and more inviting. However, remember not to install cheaply constructed skylights as these may not be durable or effective in energy saving. To experience optimal energy saving, install Velux skylights products. Skylights in Melbourne are available through Velux distributors and Skylights online which assures you of the best quality Velux skylights in Melbourne and throughout Australia. The company also offers the best value, delivery and service of Velux skylights products.

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 Velux Skylight offers a wide range of products that can fit in any space. There are two ways to mount skylight. You can either get a curb mounting or a deck mounting. Velux skylights can also be powered manually or electrically. Skylight require skylight blinds that cover the windows from external heat. Retractable skylight blinds are available in different varieties and can be stored when not in use. They provide insulation to the windows that helps prevent energy loss. Retractable skylight blinds can be manual or automatic, just like skylight and provide effective insulation against heat and radiation. If you’re opting for Velux skylight blinds, they can either be installed in the factory or specially ordered to cover your skylight windows.

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 Benefits of skylights:

  • Skylight add natural lighting to your home that helps improve your mood
  • Skylight let in the fresh air and help with cross ventilation in rooms
  • Installing a Velux skylight saves electricity and heating costs
  • Velux skylight add to the resale value of your home
  • It is the best eco-friendly addition to your house
  • Velux skylight are available in several shapes and sizes to fit in anywhere in your house
  • Adding a skylight is an extra source of lighting during the day time
  • Skylight placed in the right position brings in pleasant warmth during winter
  • Adding a skylight makes your home look modern and beautiful
  • Skylights are ideal for star and rain gazing

Tips for maintaining skylight:

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  • Maintenance of skylight can extend its life. So ensure you carry out periodic checks for leaks in the skylight.
  • Look for cracks on the glass of the skylight and replace the glass with the help of a professional.
  • If the skylight is motor-operated, check if it gets stuck or jammed.
  • Check if the water-proofing on your skylight works. If there is dampness around the skylight after heavy rain, there may be some fault with the water-proofing.
  • If you have an air filter on your skylight, keep it clean and free from dust.
  • Make sure the roof area of your home is maintained and cleaned properly to avoid dust cluttering on the skylight.
  • The flashing of skylight needs to clean, and the leaves or other debris should remove.
  • Make sure that water can drain off properly from your roof to avoid water collecting in the hinges and corners of the skylight structure.
  • If you find that your skylight is condensed, provide proper ventilation more frequently so that fresh air circulates throughout your home.
  • Clean your Velux skylight using mild soap and water.



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