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Where To Find The Greatest Minds Who Build The Biggest Tech

Where To Find The Greatest Minds Who Build The Biggest Tech

The competition to find talented tech professionals is fierce. More and more industries rely on technology to function, providing tech talent with many career options. It’s no longer enough to simply post an open role and hope for a flurry of applications. Recruiters must get creative about how they source potential employees. Outlined below are six places to find the brightest minds in tech.

1. College Campuses

If you want to grab the attention of promising college seniors, establish yourself as a top tech employer on college campuses. Technology recruiting for entry-level positions is often the most challenging. However, college campuses provide a large pool of educated talent preparing for entry-level roles. Beyond that, college students are a huge source of new knowledge. Hiring from universities can help bring a fresh perspective to the challenges your company faces.

Branding your company on campus takes time and involvement. This means your recruiting team must be at community events like job fairs and information sessions. It’s a good idea to host a few recruitment events on campus before job fairs come around. This will get students interested in talking to you at the fair.

2. LinkedIn

With over 830 million members, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. This means you have a huge pool of tech talent to connect with. But if scrolling through thousands of profiles sounds overwhelming, LinkedIn Recruiter lets you apply smart filters to your searches. This can help you more quickly identify the top talent for your organization.

When you begin recruiting for a new role on LinkedIn, start by recruiting your company’s followers. Oftentimes, people who follow a Company Page on LinkedIn are interested in working for the organization. Company Page followers are also more likely to respond to direct messages than people who don’t follow your business.

3. AngelList

AngelList is a startup community you may not have thought to recruit from. However, this site is a hot spot for sourcing tech talent. Since AngelList was designed to help build startups, it attracts skilled technology professionals eager to contribute to business growth. So if you’re a startup looking to add innovative new minds to your team, this platform is worth checking out.

Like LinkedIn, AngelList lets users filter their searches. These filters include “Job Title,” “School,” “Location,” “Company,” and “Market.” For a more narrowed-down candidate list, you can add skills to your search. Interested in evaluating someone’s expertise before the interview? AngelList lets recruiters see assessments, helping to gain a better understanding of the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.

4. Slack

You may know Slack as the tool that helps keep people stay connected at work. But did you know that it can also help you find new individuals to work with? This platform has an ever-increasing number of daily users and channels, making it a worthwhile recruiting avenue to explore. Many Slack communities aren’t affiliated with any business. Instead, they provide a space for professionals to connect, share tips and search for jobs.

Once you’ve found the right Slack channel, introduce yourself and your company. Let members of the channel know what positions you’re hiring for and what skills are needed for these roles. Once someone has expressed interest in the role, message them directly to continue the conversation.

5. Quora

Quora is a Q&A website that lets users ask questions and share knowledge. Many people demonstrate their subject matter expertise in their responses. Recruiters who explore the site can learn a lot about potential candidates’ knowledge on a specific topic by reading responses. Additionally, many profiles use their actual names and provide information about their employment and interests. This makes it easier to identify people who could be a great potential fit at your organization.

It’s important to note that Quora is not a job posting site. If you try to make a post or provide an answer that reads like a job ad, it will likely get deleted. Instead, use the platform to identify and connect with tech experts. Some of Quora’s users accept direct messages. So if you think someone could be a good fit for your company, reach out and start a conversation.

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6. Past Candidates

You’ve dedicated time to sourcing quality candidates. However, many companies never re-engage with these talented prospects when sourcing for future roles. Don’t let all that effort go to waste. Instead, start every job search by reaching out to your network of pre-vetted talent.

To maintain a solid network of tech talent, it’s essential that you provide an exceptional candidate process. This means responding to prospects in a timely manner and reaching back out to candidates if they aren’t accepted for a role. When letting candidates know that you’ve decided to move forward with another individual, let them know you’d like to stay in contact. Tell them what skills impressed you most and keep them informed about future openings.

Finding the Greatest Minds In Tech

It’s a crowded job market, but you can find talented tech experts if you know where to look. Next time you’re on the hunt for qualified candidates, check out some of the places listed above. You’ll find the right person to join your team in no time.

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