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Entrepreneurs Get Recognized for Innovation and Economic Contributions

Entrepreneurs Get Recognized for Innovation and Economic Contributions

You may have heard that a certain pop superstar, who was named Time Magazine’s 2023 Person of the Year, has had a robust effect on the local economies in every area where she’s performed. Taylor Swift is a singular phenomenon. 

But for most entrepreneurs, starting and running a successful business is day-in, day-out hard work. Of course, this is also true for Swift. We just don’t see behind the curtain.

And just like employees, entrepreneurs appreciate being recognized for their contributions, whether creative, commercial, or both. Innovation drives economic success, as Steve Streit, founder of Green Dot Bank and SWS Venture Capital, has proved with his startups. Steve is a regional and national recipient of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and was named one of the 10 Most Innovative CEOs in Banking by Bank Innovation.

Entrepreneurs As Economic Drivers

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce acknowledges that small business owners throughout America showcase “a strong work ethic, a commitment to innovation, and a spirit of service,” and recognize their contribution to both local communities and the national economy with America’s Top Small Business Awards. 

Although one might think most people work for large corporations, the reality is that small businesses employ almost half the American workforce, and represent 43.5 percent of the nation’s GDP.

So if you’re an entrepreneur who wants to be recognized for your vision and achievements, here are some of the top awards to apply for. Aside from the recognition, many offer cash prizes that will certainly come in handy as you launch and grow your venture.

1.   Dream Big Small Business of the Year Award. With a grand prize of $25,000, this award tops the list of coveted entrepreneurial honors. A business with fewer than 250 employees and revenue under $20 million each of the last two years is eligible.

2.   The SCORE Awards/American Small Business Champions. There are three Grand Champions who’ll each receive $25,000 — and mentoring by SCORE members, which can shave years off your success trajectory. Any business with fewer than 50 employees is eligible.

3.   National Small Business Week Awards. The U.S. Small Business Administration runs this award, open to all small business owners (as defined by the SBA) who live in the U.S. and its territories.

4.   Innovation Project Awards: Best Small Business Innovation. People who launch their own business very often do it because they have an innovative idea they burn to bring to fruition. recognizes these creatives by bringing together pioneering minds in payments and commerce. We now take PayPal, Venmo, Square, Stripe, Apple Pay, and so many other payment platforms as a given in daily life, but a scant few decades ago, we were still using just plastic, checks, or cash. The Innovation Project recognizes businesses that are breaking new ground in how payments are sent and received.

5.   The Stevies. These American Business Awards cover virtually every industry, encompassing for-profit and nonprofit, public, private, and small, medium, and large companies.

6.   People and Planet Green Business Award. If your business is focused on environmental sustainability, you may want to apply for one of the many green business awards that look at green business practices, products, services, and ingredients. One such award, People & Planet Green Business Award, is sponsored by Green America and includes themes such as organics, recycled products, vegan products, clean energy, and green DIY. There are several $5000 prizes.

As an entrepreneur, you deserve to be honored for your creativity, commitment, and contribution to enhancing the economy — and for bringing new ideas, products, and services into the public eye.

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