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Safeguarding Your Assets: The Role Of Vehicle Monitoring Solutions

Safeguarding Your Assets: The Role Of Vehicle Monitoring Solutions

Before the advent of technology, the best you could do to safeguard your vehicles was to ensure you lock the doors, and that’s pretty much it. Luckily, in this digital age, technology is transforming the automobile industry with tons of innovations every year, one of which includes vehicle monitoring solutions or systems.

These systems utilize several technologies and services to safeguard your assets, giving rise to a multi-billion-dollar industry with a global market cap of over 20 billion. It’s essential to safeguard your employees’ and assets’ lives by introducing vehicle monitoring solutions.

A vehicle monitoring solution like RAM tracking is a smart way to monitor your assets whenever they’re in transit. This article will highlight the immense benefits of vehicle tracking beyond safeguarding your assets. Read on to discover these tremendous benefits.

What are Vehicle Monitoring Solutions

Safeguarding Your Assets The Role Of Vehicle Monitoring Solutions 1

Vehicle monitoring solutions refer to a set of tools and technologies designed primarily to track and monitor vehicles’ activities, performance, and locations.

This technology-driven solution primarily aims to improve the vehicle’s safety, keep track of the driver’s activities, and much more. The activities and location of the vehicle are compiled into simple graphical images that can be viewed by the vehicle owner or fleet manager, allowing them to monitor the actions and locations of the vehicle at all times.

Role of Vehicle Monitoring Solutions in Asset Protection

In 2022 alone, the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NCIB) gathered that over a million vehicles were stolen. This clearly indicates that auto theft is on the rise and requires modern solutions to protect your assets; one such solution includes vehicle monitoring systems.

Here are some of the major roles of vehicle monitoring solutions in asset protection:

1. Real Time Tracking

Safeguarding Your Assets The Role Of Vehicle Monitoring Solutions 2

One of the major purposes of installing a vehicle monitoring system is to track the locations of vehicles anywhere in the world. Most tracking technologies are scalable; they can be used in single vehicles or businesses with several fleets.

Vehicles equipped with monitoring solutions are fitted with a GPS receiver, which relays all the vehicle’s location data to dedicated servers; this data is then processed and presented to the fleet managers through an interactive interface, e.g., a web dashboard or a mobile app.

2. Verification of Drivers Identities

Safeguarding Your Assets The Role Of Vehicle Monitoring Solutions 3

Businesses that operate a large fleet of vehicles often collect specific data from their drivers before they are handed a key. However, once they’re on the road, it becomes a bit difficult to know who’s on the wheel.

Luckily, vehicle monitoring solutions offer technological solutions that can help you identify the identities of drivers operating a vehicle at any time.

There are several types of ID devices offered by vehicle monitoring solutions; some include Driver key fobs, biometric authentication, PINs, and more. To access their vehicles, drivers are assigned specific pins, passwords, or fingerprints. This will help fleet managers and business owners easily identify the individual behind the wheel.

3. Monitoring Drivers Behaviors

A single rash action from a driver can set a business back for a very long time and cost them a lot; actions such as speeding, harsh braking, drifting, etc., are all dangerous to the safety of your assets. Vehicle monitoring solutions can help you safeguard your assets by tracking specific actions and behaviors of your drivers.

If the software detects any behavior, it’ll send an alert to the dashboard or the software associated with the monitoring system. This can keep drivers in check and promote safe driving habits among all drivers.

4. Geofencing

Geofencing for vehicles involves defining virtual boundaries programmed to trigger a specific type of action when a vehicle equipped with a tracking device enters or exits a particular area.

This feature is very useful for businesses as owners to create virtual barriers according to the location and route used by drivers; once a driver enters or exits this barrier, you’ll receive an alert that’ll give you an instant breakdown of the actions of the drivers in that area or location.

Geofencing is not only valuable for asset protection but can also help businesses organize and manage their fleet correctly. If you run a business where drivers are tasked with conveying goods or services nationwide, getting a vehicle monitoring system can help you safeguard your assets.

5. Maintenance Management

This feature of vehicle monitoring solutions isn’t mainly geared at protecting your vehicles from theft but rather ensures that you are rightly notified when it’s time for routine servicing or if the software detects issues in the cars.

Once the monitoring system detects anomalies in your vehicles, it sends maintenance alerts that ensure you’re well aware of any faults in the vehicles; this can prevent breakdowns and increase the reliability of your vehicles.


Vehicle monitoring solutions provide individuals and businesses with advanced technological solutions that can help them optimize operations, save costs, and safeguard their assets. If you want to enhance the security of your fleets or your vehicle, your best bet would be to invest in a vehicle monitoring solution.

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