5 Marketing Tips for New Businesses

Marketing is a significant investment for new businesses, so it’s important to move in the right direction to get the best return for your efforts. There are lots of ways you can implement affordable practices. Here, we explore top marketing tips for all new business owners:


Word of mouth is a powerful thing. However, to ensure you’re the talk of the town with the right people, you need to mingle in the right circles. Networking is a great way to do this, and it doesn’t have to be in person either. Platforms such as LinkedIn provide a gateway to a variety of people within your niche and outside it. Make yourself known in industry groups and explore niches you’d like to move into. There are many people out there who need your products and services, so start finding them to increase your brand awareness.

Use branded merchandise and promotional products

Promotional products are a great way to attract the attention of new customers. You can use these for events and exhibitions or sell merchandise for your company. There are hundreds of inexpensive options to choose from, including custom made hats, personalized t-shirts, and water bottles. You could also give freebies away to entice customers at trade shows and corporate showcases.

Partner with another business

New businesses often have less collateral in the market than established ones. However, to get a better position in your niche, why not explore the option of partnerships with businesses in a complementary industry? Collaborations could include using a referral scheme to generate more business or producing package deals that include both company products and services. It’s essential to choose the right partner to not impinge on your main operating goal. Networking may open up conversations around this style of partnership to help you find the right fit.

Get social

Having a social media presence is free for the most part. You can post about your business and interact with your customers to establish a relationship and loyalty. However, it’s a great idea to invest a little in social media marketing tips to take it a step further. Platforms such as Facebook provide targeted adverts to audiences and have a variety of information available to get the most ROI. These adverts are flexible according to your budget and easily tweaked to change parameters for better conversions.

Put time and resource into content marketing

Another affordable way to level up your marketing strategy is exploring content marketing tips. Producing helpful content enables you to include relevant keywords for improving search rankings. It also provides customers with a hub of information about your products and services. The easiest way to do this is by updating your blog content on a company website. Another beneficial strategy is to write for other industry sites. By becoming an expert in your field, it provides a business with positive credentials within a niche. First, however, it’s vital to pick the right websites to contribute to. Then, identify how it will connect with its audience and harness this to create relevant and shareable content.

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