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Quick Tips On How To Be More Productive At Work

Quick Tips On How To Be More Productive At Work
  1. Don’t multitask

 Productive At Work: Even though it may seem tempting to do a couple of different tasks at the same time, you should avoid doing so. This is because multitasking doesn’t work. According to Earl K. Miller who is a professor in neuroscience, it is not humanly possible to successfully do multiple tasks at once. If you believe that you can multitask, then you’re actually fooling yourself. It is much more effective to do one thing at a time and this will help you to get work done a lot faster. 

  1. Breaks

Many people wrongly believe that by working more hours, this will help them to get more work done. However, burn out does not improve productivity. According to studies, when you take breaks throughout your work day, this helps to improve your mood and improves your concentration levels. It is best to take 5 minute breaks frequently at the office and take walks during this period. You should even think about taking a 15 minute coffee break in the afternoon. 

  1. Create small goals

When you look at your goals, they can easily become quite overwhelming. This is especially true if you have a couple of big projects to get done in a short space of time. However, if you break these down into small tasks, then you’ll feel a lot better and will become more productive. Using a time management tool will help to manage tasks and help achieve goals. So, it is a good idea to break down your big goals into smaller tasks. This will also ensure that you get more work done every day and large projects will be a lot less scary and stressful. 

  1. Do the most important or largest tasks when you’re more focused and alert

Most people avoid going after their big goals if they don’t think that they can achieve them. Also, by the time they actually start, they are already tired and burned out to pay full attention to them. This causes many projects to take more time than they should and reduce overall productivity. 

It is very important to know the times when you work your best when it comes to finishing big projects. This is based on the individual and if you know that you’re more alert and focused in the morning, you should get started on those important tasks in the morning. 

  1. Use the 2 minute rule

You should always strive to make full use of your time at work and this means using short periods for small tasks. Steve Olenski who is an entrepreneur also found that by doing tasks that only take about 2 minutes to do actually helps you to save time. Therefore, if you have any task that will only take 2 minutes to finish, then you should tackle it now. 

Additionally, the two minute rule can also be applied to goals or habits that you want to start. Now, you won’t be able to do every task in only 2 minutes. However, it is possible to start a new goal or habit in 2 minutes and this will certainly give you a great start. 

Remember, every day won’t be as productive as you may want it to be, but you shouldn’t get frustrated with yourself. It is best to simply refocus your mind and start again with the above tips. You will eventually find what works for you and you’ll drastically improve your productivity at work and elsewhere.

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