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How to Fix iOS Issues like iPhone Keeps Restarting

How to Fix iOS Issues like iPhone Keeps Restarting

Are you fed up because your iPhone keeps restarting? Are you searching for a solution to this constant problem of iOS issues? Well, we have a firm belief that our iPhone will work all the time smoothly. But it doesn’t always give the same service as we expect. We wish there were one single cause or solution of getting restarted now and then. Instead, there are several causes, and the answer has some steps as well. I am going to explain how you can get rid of this disturbing problem step by step. So, shall we start?

The problem I am going to talk about is one of the many that iPhone users face. Another disturbing trouble is iPhone stuck on the Apple logo. At some point, these problems become so irritating that you feel like your iPhone won’t turn on. And you cannot use it smoothly anymore. However, here I will discuss the one I started.

Well, we can categorize the iPhones that keep restarting into two different categories.

  • iPhone that gets restarted within a moment can be used comfortably without any problem for a while. The once in a while, your phone will restart again.
  • Another one is that which repeatedly restarts again and again. If your iPhone keeps restarting like this, you cannot use it.

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8 iPhone keeps restarting fixing method

If you have an iPhone that is creating such problems, then follow the below-mentioned steps to get over that.

Backing-up your iPhone: Before you start doing anything, start with backing-up your iPhone. You have to make sure your iPhone your phone has a back-up. Because if your phone is having a hardware problem that doesn’t require iOS system repair, then the back-up will work later.

Updating software: iOS is the operating system of the iPhone. You have to update the policy to solve the restarting problem. The updated software contains the solution for software bugs and other related iOS issues; if you fix the iOS issues system by updating the software, you may get rid of this as a result. Not only can this, by updating your operating system, but you also resolve the black screen of death problem. Moreover, if you see the “iPhone error 3194” message, you can solve it by updating iOS and iTunes.

Resetting all settings: resetting all the settings of your phone will fix some of the software issues. Just go to the settings option. Then choose general, then reboot, and you are ready to go. By doing this, you have taken all the settings of your phone back to factory defaults. However, this will not harm any of your data or apps. You have to input your wifi password again.

Removing sim card: Sometimes, the iPhone keeps restarting because of the bad connection between the phone and the wireless carrier. iPhone gets connected to your wireless carrier through SIM card. So, removing and placing your SIM card can get your iPhone back to normal.

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Using iTunes to restore your iPhone: iPhone DFU mode is a medium for your iPhone to interface with iTunes. But here, the interface will occur, but iTunes will not automatically load the most updated version of iOS onto your phone. That is necessary when you want to load the older version of iOS. As your iPhone keeps restarting so, you have to restore the phone using iTunes.

Hard resetting: well, I don’t recommend this reset unless it becomes an ultimate need. For hard resetting, you have to hold power and home button and at the same time for 20 seconds, at least. Many of the problems, including the iPhone black screen, can be brought back to normal with a hard resetting.

Check your hardware:  Sometimes, your iPhone may get stuck in a loop of restarting because of hardware problems. You need to find those problems and resolve them. Your iPhone case, charging port, all the buttons should be clean. If you find any debris inside those, get them out immediately. They also can make your iPhone go restart over again and over again.

Repairing your iPhone: If any of the formulae mentioned above don’t work, then your iPhone might need repairing. If you have tried all the steps and your iPhone keeps restarting, you should repair your iPhone. Then you should contact the local Apple store to get your phone repaired.

We have an app whose name is “Wondershare Dr. Fone – iOS system repair.”It’s a dedicated tool to fix iPhone stuck on the Apple logo on iOS 13, but our app can fix every single iOS issues.


To wrap it up, I hope by now I have given the solutions that will work for your iPhone. However, before you opt to go for any of the steps, you need to be careful. Any mistake can cause a loss of all files and data inside your iPhone. So stay aware of those while updating, resetting, or applying any other options. I hope now you will stop yelling at your iPhone, saying my iPhone keeps restarting. I wish you the best of luck with your iPhone restarting problem.

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