How Technologies affect the Look of Resume

Even though a resume is just a piece of paper, it is essential for us and our careers. Before the arrival of modern technologies, the job hunters would use tricks to make resumes more attractive, like coloring pages, bright headings, etc.

The thirst for innovative ways was always there. Since the advancement of technology, people are using various kinds of software and websites to make their resumes catchy. The computer has taken the place of typewriters, and so different font styles use to seek the attention of the hiring manager.

Why is the Resume Important?

Resume highlights the summary of skills, education, work experience, and achievements. This document is the source of our first impression over HR managers, and our career is highly dependent on that. Hence an old-dated, dull, and unappealing resume can be a hindrance to a job. 

Nobody can deny that the apparent look of resumes matter. If your resume’s look is not appealing, then there are fewer chances that you would consider it because hiring managers have to go through a lot of resumes, so the more inviting and magnetic your resume is, the more you will find for the job.

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Technology and the way it affects the look of Resumes

With the advancement of the technologies and the availability of the internet, those old tricks least required. There are a lot of internet websites that will ask you about your achievements, education, experiences, and skills in the first place, and then these websites will show you different attractive and magnetic layouts.

 According to your taste and theme of the respective organization, you can get the perfect resume that will seek the attention of the hiring manager and also will make you confident in the process.

Resume Content

The content matters as well. No doubt that technology has changed resumes in many ways. One should not only focus on the looks of resume only because once the respective person is attracted to your resume, his main focus will be towards your skills and qualification plus your sense of representing them but no worries.

The modern technology has made a revolution in every field, and hence an idea and sample of a perfect resume is just a click away. If you have worked anywhere, even if it is as an uber or lyft driver, you should add it to your resume if it is relevant to the job you are applying for.

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Search Engines

Different search engines are serving the purpose of resume writings, and these search engines have made it easy to target the respective audience, i.e., hiring managers by using keywords accordingly.

That means that if you want your resume to be under consideration, then you have to develop a sense of the use of appropriate words, and there will be the least difficult because different search engines are already there to help you out.

You can do that yourself, or you can take the help of professional resume writers to do that. Take a look at the review to know more about a professional resume writing service.

Video Resume

Then there is another method to attract the respective person through your resume, and that is an additional video resume to the CV. That shows your communication and analytical skills. In this era of innovation, there are hundreds of software to make these videos.

These video representations can be one minute longer because one minute is almost sufficient to highlight your skills. You don’t have to repeat the things already written in CV. Just talk about the things that can better represent verbally. That has an entirely practical impact on the hiring manager.


One more thing that technology has added that will provide proof and will prove the authenticity of your resume is the use of hyperlinks. You can use hyperlinks, and these hyperlinks will take the hiring manager directly to the proof of achievement, experiences, and qualifications. These hyperlinks will show your profiles at different websites to demonstrate your previous work. Moreover, these hyperlinks will show your serious attitude towards the job.

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The technology has no doubt revolutionized the world, and in this revolution, it has blessed people with a sense to handle the things. People don’t have that much time. Initially, the resumes usually consisted of four to five pages, but the length is considered least.

The stronger the content is, the higher is its impact. Hence different resume search engines and websites are helping people to make their resumes concise. People input their detailed information, and these sources develop a resume that is concise and strong.

No doubt, the use of technology has changed the way of writing resumes entirely, but it also has developed a sense of competition. Now before the hiring process, the job hunters are concerned and eager to make there resume the most effective one. Hence people adopt various ways to make it all useful and to seek the attention of the hiring manager.


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