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Moshe Strugano Share Right and Wrong Link Building Strategies to Get Good Ranking and Website Traffic

Moshe Strugano Share Right and Wrong Link Building Strategies to Get Good Ranking and Website Traffic

Owners of online business should compulsorily hire reliable link building services to obtain good results. In fact, if you are involved in SEO activities, you have to keep in your mind that adoption of flawed linking strategy will lead to sudden plummeting of your ranks and website traffic. Thus, this article by Moshe Strugano (Attorney – Moshe Strugano and Co Law firm) will address few common mistakes related to link building activities that people should strictly avoid.

Identical and Multiple Anchor Text Links

Use of identical and multiple anchor text links will lead to severe harm to websites. Although, many websites use this type of strategy to achieve good ranks in SERP and other short-term benefits, but if Google caught them, ranks of their websites will immediately go down. Hence, in order to increase online rankings, reputable online marketing companies choose for only 5 percent of accurate match and increase it gradually.

Excluding Junk Anchors

Junk anchors refer to few text-based links that people can use almost anywhere on their web pages. These will include few links, like Buy now, Click here, Read more and various others. According to 3.4 Google Panda update, Google looks for junk anchors present in website’s contents. If you exclude junk anchors in your article, you will commit big mistakes and your site ranks will affect very badly. According to experts, “It is impossible to create some effective call-to-actions without using junk anchors.” Therefore, as a reputed online marketer, you have to apply junk anchors in careful way for better conversions.

Inadequate Social Likes

SEO experts should always keep in their minds that site rankings are solely dependent on numbers of likes, comments and shares received by your products on different social networking sites, like Google+, Pheed, Facebook and Twitter. Google has recently started paying higher attention on numbers of social likes to assure the rank and value of website.

Not Highlighting Brands in Between Textual Links

If you are an owner of a blog describing about your offered products and you have not mentioned your brand name at any place in between text links, you will likely commit great blunders, as text-based links always linked with home page of any particular site. Therefore, if you want to avoid Google Panda 3.4 attacks, you have to mention your brand in between text links.

Dependence on Paid Links

Paid links will enhance your website ranks for short while but webmasters can never consider them as natural links because they mostly drive poor quality of online traffic on Google. Therefore, instead of choosing paid links, you should invest in blogs, as they will help you to gain natural links without compromising on quality.

Moshe Strugano (Attorney – Moshe Strugano and Co Law firm) explains how the use of back links helps in achieving better rankings.

Back links are the links placed in different web pages over the internet to bring to your own web page; this also helps the user to locate the products or products that they are looking for. Back links are also termed as Inbound links (IBLs). SEO Marketing is the online marketing strategies that are growing very rapidly nowadays because of providing better rankings and the top search engine results.

To estimate the value of the website in terms of the quality and the relevancy, Google has adopted some algorithms as a concept. Back links are one of the essential factors that contribute a lot in finding out the relevancy of a website. If the website has more back links, then it is considered that it would offer the better relevancy and popularity.

How the back links can be generated?

For the generation of the back links, article marketing helps a lot in the website optimization. Using the social media like twitter, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn is another efficient ways used in the creation of the back links. Submitting the videos on YouTube and commenting on the various blogs and forums are the other ways that are helpful in the generation of the back links.

The most efficient tool known as Back link builder is also available. In this builder when you enter the keyword immediately, you get the list of sites for posting an article, message, etc. After you get the list of selected partners, you can visit the site and post the contents on it. This would further help you in the creation of the high quality back links. The number and the quality of the back links posted are the two parameters that helpful in obtaining the better search engine rankings.

Benefits and the uses of the back links

Google also uses the back links to find out the rankings and the search engine results of the website.

Back links, given more preference if they have related to the content post on your site or links your web page from the other sites. For example, if a webmaster has a website that tells about how to resolve hair loss problems and received a back link from the another website that tells about hair surgeries, then your website would given more preference and considered informative in the list of the top search engine results. Using the high quality back links is also another way to attract more visitors to your websites. Back links when used with the appropriate keywords and the high quality contents, helps the website in achieving better popularity and the better Website Rankings.

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