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Top 5 social messaging apps

Top 5 social messaging apps

Here are some apps which can cause you to amazing so you want to comprehend these apps-


It’s one among the favored app. Which is extremely interesting to grasp and amazing to use.

WeChat provides features like you’ll book a taxi, split the bill in an exceedingly restaurant, you’ll be able to purchase a cinema ticket, invest in financial products, opt to read the newspaper, follow your favorite brand/persons, can transfer to your friends/contacts, select online shopping, meet new friends nearby all this feature you’ll just use in one app which is so amazing. What are you watching for go and install it and luxuriate in it?


It’s a WhatsApp mod with more features which don’t seem to be available in original WhatsApp. So before download you need to thought of its features don’t be concerned i’ll tell you it features. It’s a bunch of features like theme store, call filter and more privacy option. It’s totally safe to use no issues it’s. You’ll feel better if you once download this app as already told its more features. It also incorporates a good user base every day.


It is one among the app which adults likes the foremost. it’s a spread of features like voice calls/video calls with filters/lenses, story sharing etc. it can became your best camera at the identical time it can become your best chatting app. within the way of chatting what makes it different is that it’s depend upon you to save lots of chat or delete after viewing. This is often the explanation youths are most inquisitive about this app instead of others. Cause what this provide isn’t availabe in the other apps.


Whatsapp messanger or just whatsapp is download on smartphones. Everyone have a smartphone and whatsapp app installed in it .but is additionally accessible from desktop computers as long because the user’s mobile device remains connected to the web while they use the desktop app.It is most generally used app for teenagers and folks . it’s regularly utilized by teenagers and folks. It are employed by 1 billion people in over all round the world to remain in reality. The app is user friendly. It uses internet and permit users to send messages, documents, images,pdf and video .it is used for communication everywhere the planet. It is very useful for college kids in sharing their notes, projects and articles, and lots of more helpful features.


The foremost simplest app which may even understand by children if once told the way to use. it also has relaint features like filters, chat, voice/video calls, activity status which might even be hide, private/public account in keeping with your wish etc. so after knowing some features you need to thought of trying all its feature so to raised know instagram you need to once download and see how it’s. it’s large user base every day. Mostly youths are attached to the current app. because it’s a spread of contents which is able to not cause you to bored. the most effective part is that it’s the simplest features to reply. you’ll fall dotty with typing with this app.

Expecting this text helped you. During this current suitation it is very beneficial for you so use it proper stay safe stay home.

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