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Role Of Employee Motivation In A Business Organization

Role Of Employee Motivation In A Business Organization

Employee Motivation is a difficult task. But if it is done correctly, then you will be benefited from it along with the employees and the customers. Proper recognition in the workplace is a significant factor when it comes to employee motivation.

You need to recognize your employees publicly and appreciate their work. It will help the employees to get motivated by your appreciation, which will encourage other employees too to perform better. By recognition, you can retain your motivated employees.

You will not need to search for substitutes, and it will also save your time from training new alternative sites like e hentai. A perfect way of maintaining employee motivation is by conducting meetings every day. The meetings might take place outside the office, also like going out for dinner.

Awards play a significant role in motivating employees. A deserving employee’s efforts and hard work should be recognized and awarded. A fact that may be hard to believe but is true is that motivation is a powerful and a major employee motivation factor.

Recognition in your Society-an important factor of Employee Motivation

Researchers have researched and concluded that identification in a society of more importance than money or sex. It says it all about employee motivation. You can motivate the employees by giving them bonuses.

The bonuses that offer are in cash. After receiving handsome rewards, they will be very thankful, happy and satisfied. They will try to perform well after receiving rewards and will again expect to get many more gifts again and again.

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Money: A temporary External Source of Employee Motivation

Money is known as an external source of motivating employees, but it does not last forever. It is a bonus which makes your expectation level go higher. If you have failed to perform well this time, you will still want an incentive more than or equal to the previous incentives.

Many employees all over the world survey. The supervisory group of people listed down the motivating factors in the following way

  • High Salary as number one
  • Job security as number two
  • Promotion as number three

The Other Important Motivating Factors are:

  • The working conditions should be good
  • Work should be interesting
  • The loyalty of the supervisor
  • Proper discipline
  • Proper appreciation and praise for the work done
  • Personal problems should help on
  • The employee must have a feeling of being involved in things

When the employees asked the same questions, they then listed the following factors accordingly:

  • Appreciation and praise for work done.
  • Getting a feeling of being involved in things
  • Get proper help on personal problems
  • Job security
  • High salary
  • The work should be interesting.
  • Promotion
  • The loyalty of the supervisor
  • The working conditions should be right.
  • Excellent and proper discipline.
  • Reason for these motivating factors being so important

When you get recognition or compliment for your work, you feel thrilled and get motivated. It is a great feeling when you are complimented by your office colleagues, family, customers and friends frequently. The complements work wonders and motivate you. These are said to be the inspirational quotes that help the employees in getting motivated.

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Compliments Boost Your Confidence Level

Motivating employees through proper recognition is very positive reinforcement. Praise and recognition reinforces and strengthens your beliefs. It bounces you a boost in your confidence and makes you feel that we are better than what you thought yourselves to be. Self-esteem is a major factor that makes you think and see yourself internally through your own beliefs about yourself. Externally you believe and see what others think about you.

If you feel good and satisfied with yourself, then others will also feel good and satisfied with you. Your performances will be improved from your previous performances when you see both sides of the coin. Employee motivation is a factor that begins from within you.

Inspirational Quotes

Practical and good managers use inspirational quotes in their email messages and presentations. Inspirational quotes are even used during communication to motivate the employees. Inspirational quotes are used for orientation programs when a new employee joins the company.

These inspirational quotes focus on the opportunities that the company will provide so that they can build their respective careers. The inspirational quote messages express company values. Inspirational quotes add a new meaning to the note and also give a new dimension to it.

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Components of Employee Engagement

Employee engagement describes the enthusiasm level and the commitment level of the employees of an organization. Employee engagement has to turn out to be a focusing factor for many management consulting and human relations industries.

A right way that can help employee engagement is by creating many new opportunities for the employees. New opportunities created which can help the employee gain knowledge, develop and grow in the organization. When there is higher employee engagement recognition is a primary basic need that all the employees want.

There are three significant workings of employee engagement, which are behavioural, cognitive and emotional. Thus, employee engagement plays a major role in motivating employees in a business organization.

Impact of Employee Motivation on Organizational Performance

The employee of a company is the spine of a company. The employee of an organization whose motivation level is deficient is very vulnerable and susceptible to the outside world. Lack of proper motivation can lead to less task or work accomplished by the employees of the organization this site Psiphon 3. The essential things that cost the company dearly in both terms of money and time are:

  • The long lunches that the employees enjoy chatting and wasting time.
  • The long personal conversations that they do during their hours of work.
  • Employees waste a lot of time surfing the internet during their hours of work.


These factors can reduce the productivity of the organization, which might land the organization in deep trouble. So, it is always advisable for the employees to perform well and help the organization reach a new height of success. Thus, employees should utilize their time properly.

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