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How to Clean out Your Garage

How to Clean out Your Garage

Garages are built for cars, but they usually end up as dumping ground. From broken toys to empty cans, people store useless items in the garage. Probably, your old furniture is also resting in the garage, right? Well, it is time to hire a team and focus on furniture removal.

Apart from furniture removal, you also need to work on other areas. Cleaning your garage will provide you with a lot of space. More importantly, a clean it will make you happy whenever you park your car.

If you are looking for tips to clean out your garage, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will talk about it cleaning. Additionally, we will share some tips to organize your garage perfectly.

Remove Everything

When it comes to garage cleaning, you may wonder where you should begin. Usually, there are so many items that prevent you from parking or even walking in the garage.

Firstly, you need to remove everything from the garage. Place it on the driveway. Once you clear the floor, you will have a clear idea about the available space. The next step is to sort this stuff.

Sort All Useful Items

How to Clean out Your Garage

If you have come this far, you have finished the most important part successfully. Most people never begin cleaning their garage. Once you remove everything, it means that you are serious about the cleaning campaign.

Now, it is time to sort out everything. Before you initiate sorting, set some rules. For instance, you need to remove everything you haven’t used in the past year. This rule will help you speed up the cleaning campaign. Moreover, it will prevent you from thinking about each item individually.

While going through this step, you need to ask yourself a question. Do you need this product or just keep it because you don’t know what to do with it? If you can’t find a use, remove the product.

If you are storing old furniture in the garage, call a junk removal company and ask them to remove the furniture. Only keep furniture if it is in good condition. If you are keeping it to fix in the future, furniture removal is the way to go. There are many junk removal services available, so do some research to learn more about which company is the best fit for your needs.

Furthermore, people often store more than one item of the same thing. If that’s the case, you need to sell or donate extra items.

Garage Clutter Management

Apart from the stuff you decided to keep, the rest is the clutter. To clean the garage, it is important to ensure that it doesn’t find its way back to the garage.

Firstly, put aside everything you have decided to store in the garage. Secondly, you need to sort out the clutter. Divide the remaining items into three categories including sell, donate, and throw away.

Get some boxes and put everything you want to donate in them. Label these boxes and make sure you deliver them to the destination as soon as possible.

Most importantly, you need to take care of the mess that doesn’t make it to the “sell or donate” list. Hire a dumpster and throw away stuff in the container immediately.

If you are hiring a furniture removal company, you can ask them to take care of the junk for some additional charges. It will reduce your burden.

Clean the Garage Thoroughly

Since it is empty, it is the best time to scrub it down. Don’t hurry yourself to put things back. You can take a break and clean later. However, you should do it before putting things back in order.

Clean the garage from top to bottom. Remove the dust with a clean cloth. Make sure that you clean shelves, cabinets, a refrigerator, etc. Don’t forget to sweep the floor to remove the dirt.

Once it is done, you need to get a detergent and damp cloth. Wipe garage walls, cabinets, and shelves to remove stains. While removing stains, you need to carefully remove motor oil stains as well. Use dish soap, bleach, or anything you find useful to get rid of every stain.

Additionally, mop the floor and allow it to dry for a few hours. You can use a floor fan to quickly dry the floor.

Let’s Organize Everything

How to Clean out Your Garage

This is the most important step in the entire cleaning process. If you don’t organize everything perfectly, you will end up with the same cluttered garage in no time.

How often do you hear complaints about it cleaning failure? They do everything right. They remove unnecessary items and clean the garage perfectly. Do you know why they fail to maintain a clean garage? They don’t organize it perfectly.

Spending a few hours organizing your items will save you a lot of time in the future. Here are some ways to organize your garage

Tips to Organize a Garage

  • Dedicate shelves for frequently used items. They should be easy to reach so put them back after using them.
  • Cabinets should store fragile items. Moreover, things you don’t use very often.
  • Get a pegboard to organize your hand tools.
  • For larger tools like shovels, use wall hooks. Otherwise, you can get a large bin to store them.
  • While storing items, make sure that you label categories. It will make it easy to find the item and put it back. Most importantly, it will reduce the clutter.

Conclusion On Garage Furniture Removal

Cleaning the garage is only the first step. You need to keep the garage clean by putting everything back in its spot. Remember that the garage is not built for old furniture. If you have broken furniture, you should hire a furniture removal company and get rid of it.

Apart from furniture, people often put everything useless in the garage. This approach is the reason why you have to clean the garage after every few days. When an item is not functional, putting it in the garage is a terrible idea. Throw it out and make space for new items.

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