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Tips to Ensure Your Car Is Safe

Tips to Ensure Your Car Is Safe

Sometimes, it’s the obvious things that are the easiest to ignore. You’ve taken the driving classes, you know the traffic rules, and you understand the importance of car safety, but how much of these do you put into practice? What measures do you have in place to ensure your car is safe?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) 2019 report, the United States recorded an estimate of 36,096 fatalities as a result of vehicle crashes. With these statistics, car safety is important and should always be a priority. On that note, here are tips to ensure your car is safe.

1. Schedule regular car maintenance.

Tips to Ensure Your Car Is Safe

Beyond the upfront cost of owning a car, every car owner must make reservations for maintenance costs. Many people drive around with unfit cars because they can’t afford to maintain them regularly, leaving them at the risk of injury, accidents, and theft. Therefore, an essential car safety tip is to carry out car maintenance regularly.

For starters, don’t ignore your dashboard. Monitoring your dashboard lights is a great way to know if your car is in good condition. Other safety checks include your lights, seat belt, brake and steering fluid, and airbag control unit. It’s also worth looking at various fire extinguisher types to try and find one to carry in your car at all times.

Airbags have proven to be essential safety devices in recent decades as they provide cushioning for a vehicle occupant’s head in the event of a crash, preventing fatal injuries. You see, there are different types of airbags, and they all have individual airbag deployment thresholds; they include the frontal airbag system to the knee airbag, side torso airbag, seatbelt airbag, and curtain airbag. They all serve different purposes.

Therefore, ensure that you don’t drive around with a defect or faulty airbag. A well-maintained airbag control unit or airbag module allows your airbags to function optimally, accurately detect crash conditions, and maintain the appropriate airbag deployment threshold required from them.

2. Keep your valuables out of sight.

As obvious as this tip may seem, many people make the mistake of leaving their valuables in their cars and in plain sight. Admittedly, it can be a pain to always have to empty your car each time you step out. However, it’s considerably cheaper and less time-consuming to do this than losing your item or fixing a damaged car window as a result of vehicle burglary.

Sometimes, thieves may scout parking lots for cars that have valuables in them, and a thief sighting your laptop, phone, or wallet will be tempted to break into your car and access it. Therefore, each time you step out of your car, remember to look around the interior to ensure that no valuable item is in plain sight.

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3. Add an anti-theft device or alarm.

Tips to Ensure Your Car Is Safe

Many of us rely on our cars for our daily commute and can’t bear to imagine the hassle it would be if someone were to steal them. Even with insurance, dealing with a stolen car can still be a frustrating time, and it can slow down your productivity. However, all this is avoidable with car security tools.

Wily many new cars today come with anti-theft devices and car alarms; they’re rarely enough. It’s more beneficial to consider getting a tracker to supplement the car’s overall security. With extra protection, your car will be safe, and you can afford more peace of mind knowing you don’t have to stress over car theft.

4. Minimize Distractions

Most drivers know that they aren’t supposed to be looking at their phones when driving, but this doesn’t stop people from glancing at their phones whenever calls or messages come in. Understandably, it can be difficult to ignore the notification sounds from your phone or that important phone call. However, what may seem like a quick look can be a sufficient distraction to cause a car crash. In that case, to help minimize distraction, learn to put your phone out of sight when driving, or better, in driving mode.

In addition, ensure that if you have a toddler, they are properly belted in the car safety seat and avoid eating while driving.

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