Self-Storage SEO: Tips To Increase Your Site’s Visibility And Traffic

Generally speaking, people like to live in neat spaces with less clutter. That’s where renting extra storage space comes in handy. So, if you own a self-storage business, consider taking some time out for marketing your services properly.

Given that most people are likely to use their smartphones to search for and book a storage unit, you might want to focus on increasing visibility for search queries such as ‘climate-control storage near me’ or ‘Ventura, CA storage.’ With that said, listed below are some self-storage SEO tips that’ll help you get more business.

1.Improve page experience signals

In essence, these signals are a collection of ranking factors that can improve how well a page ranks on the SERPs irrespective of the keywords the business wants to target. Since these signals focus on enhancing your website’s user experience, focusing on these is essential because they’ll ensure people stay on your website for longer and find what they want. Here’s what you can include in-page experience signals:

  • Core web vitals: Make your page load faster and easy to use. Also, when it’s loading, don’t let it shift around too much.
  • Non-intrusive interstitials: Stop using pop-ups
  • HTTPS: Internet users consider the HTTPS tag somewhat more secure than websites that don’t have it
  • Safe-browsing: Double-check that your website doesn’t have any security issues like phishing, malware, etc.
  • Mobile-friendliness: Ensure your website looks good on mobile devices since most people will use their phones to look up self-storage units near them.

By ticking these boxes on your checklist, you’ll be improving your website’s performance and giving users a better experience. This will automatically translate to more traffic and conversations.

2.Implement location schema

If you want to tell the search engines what your website is about, there’s no better way to do that than by using a local business schema. It’s ideal for local SEO and your self-storage marketing efforts. You can find one specifically for the self-storage niche on the internet, incorporate it in your pages, and you’ll be good to go. Remember, every bit of content you include in your schema should be visible on the page too. If you’re adding reviews or an address to your schema, website visitors should see them as well. Some content that you should add to your schema includes business type, banner image, telephone numbers, brand name, logo, operating hours, geo tags, URL, address, etc.

3.Don’t create doorway pages

Before developing these pages for yourself, give the Doorway Page Policy of Google a read because you might end up violating some of the terms. But what are doorway pages? Well, they’re developed for one sole purpose: ranking for a particular query, then funneling individuals to a more meaningful section of your website.

While there’s some subjectivity in this, this policy wouldn’t impact you unless you’re deploying numerous pages with identical content (and changing just the location). Hence, the content on every page must be unique and relevant to the search query and location you’re aiming to target. Plus, if you’re concerned about the ranking of this page, ensure multiple parts of your website link to it.

4.Review your website’s architecture

Structure your website in a way that the search engines like it. This means search engines will know how a specific page of your website is related to the other pages and which pages carry the most significance.

But how to do this? Simple, use internal linking. Ideally, essential pages of your website, such as storage unit features and renting options, shouldn’t be more than a couple of clicks away from the homepage. Don’t worry; this is achievable even when you’re providing services in multiple locations.

For example, even if the ‘storage in Chicago’ page appears after three others (Home / Locations / Illinois / Chicago), it should still be only a click away from the homepage. It is easier for customers to find an option near them. If you don’t have many storage facilities, you can link each page from the website’s main menu.

5.Optimize each storage facility page

The majority of storage companies will have dedicated pages on their website for every location, and so should yours. These pages are the ones you’ll be aiming to get a higher rank for in the SERPs. If you want to make these pages more relevant to searchers’ queries, include the following things:

  • Local content: Don’t shy away from including some description about your storage facility and how it relates to the local city or town.
  • NAP: NAP refers to the name, address, and phone number of your business. Adding these details will drastically enhance your local SEO since search engines love such business details.
  • Maps and directions: While including directions on how to get to your facility is helpful for many users, maps can also offer some locally relevant content.

6.Optimize your on-page content

Targeting the right keywords is a no-brainer when it comes to on-page SEO. There’s no better way of sending a clear indication about your page’s niche than to use the right keywords and content in the right places. It will eventually be the driving force behind larger traffic volume.

However, some people like to use the same keywords repeatedly (and it’s also pretty tempting). Still, this approach isn’t too helpful in the long run. Why? Because search engines are becoming more efficient at identifying the user intent behind searches and understanding natural language.

So, here’s what you can do: write your on-page content from the user’s perspective. Think of reasons why people might want to rent out a storage unit. Perhaps, mention the beneficial features of your services, such as climate-control and security features, and dedicate a section for FAQs. With that being said, there are some areas where you’ll want to ensure you include your core keywords – namely in your on-page text, header tags, and title tags.


Many self-storage facilities depend on car traffic visibility and physical signage to attract new customers. However, a good website and deploying best SEO practices will enable you to reach more people on the internet. This article mentioned a few ways you can enhance your self-storage business’s visibility on the internet. These include improving on-page elements that enhance the user experience, adding a local business schema, avoiding doorway pages, and improving the site’s architecture. Moreover, you must also prioritize optimizing individual storage unit pages and on-page content. By following these tips, you’ll be able to get more qualified leads and conversions in no time.

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